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Among the new functionalities that WhatsApp prepares for its next update has been sneaked the inclusion of a good handful of new emojis. As we have been able to know thanks to Android PoliceAmong these new additions are the corresponding emojis of the classic “facepalm” and emoticons that promote interprofessional gender equality, among others.

Gender equality and the dancing boy

It is neither more nor less than the new emojis that we can already find in Unicode 9.0 and Emoji 4.0, and that Google proposed last year to be included in Android 7.1. These emojis are mainly oriented to promote gender equality, including professions with their corresponding female and male versions.

In this new block we can also find other emoticons such as the classic gesture of "crossing your fingers", that of "shrugging your shoulders", a clown face, a dancing boy and even a glass of whiskey. How have we been able to live without them so far? Please!

In addition to these we will also find other emojis a little more underground like a slice of bacon, a butterfly, or an avocado. The ideal condiments to make a curious "salad" of icons, which will come to enlarge the list of more than a thousand images of this type that we can already find on WhatsApp today.

Download the new emoji pack right now

If you want to start enjoying these new images, all you have to do is download and install the beta version 2.17.44 of WhatsApp, which you can access from the website of APKMirror. Another option to stay up to date and try all the news that WhatsApp will include in future updates is sign up as an application tester on Google Play.

The "emojis" or emoticons are images or small drawings that are used to represent emotions (emotion + icon), and that with the proliferation of WhatsApp and other instant messaging apps such as Line, Telegram or Google Allo, they have become tremendously popular in recent years.

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