Problems with the Note 7 increase demand for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge - The Happy Android

After the tremendous disaster that has meant the recall of the Galaxy Note 7 for Samsung, many operators and stores are offering a full refund or a terminal change.

Although there are already many who predict a significant loss of confidence in the Samsung brand, Many have been the users who have chosen to replace their Note 7 with another terminal of the same brand.

Taking into account that the best mobiles in the Samsung catalog right now are the Galaxy S7 Edge, the vast majority of users They are changing the Note 7 for one of these terminals. What is the problem? It seems that now there are not enough S7 Edge to supply the whole world.

This information has been confirmed by the retailers from Taiwan, but the situation could be similar in other countries, such as USA. Although Samsung has already assured that it has increased the production of its Galaxy S7 Edge model, many sellers have exhausted their stock and are waiting for new units.


In Taiwan, Samsung has confirmed that those who have purchased a Galaxy Note 7 can go to the store where they bought it and replace with an S7 Edge or Note 5, including a $ 95 gift card. Due to the large price difference between the Note 7 and these 2 terminals, They'll also get a cash back, ranging from $ 125 to $ 155 for the S7 Edge and $ 125- $ 220 for the Galaxy Note 5.

What do you think of all this problem of the Galaxy Note 7? Is Samsung on fire? For this and any other related topic, do not hesitate to visit the comment box.


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