The Ultimate Ghost and Spirit Detector: Ghost Sensor

Have you ever felt like a presence in the room and you were completely alone? Do you have the feeling that strange things happen around you without any apparent explanation? When logic and reason turn their backs on us, we have no choice but to look for answers in somewhat less orthodox places.

On this frigid Halloween night, I want to take the opportunity to introduce you to a couple of apps for Android whose objective is clear and direct: detect ghosts and spirits around us. For many people, it can undoubtedly be terrifying. For others, however, they may be the tools they needed to confirm their deepest suspicions.

Ghost Sensor: EM4 Detector

Nextep, the developer of this app claims to have achieved a stable version of the EM4 algorithm. In this way, Ghost Sensor becomes the perfect app to locate tormented souls and spirits in cursed places and abandoned houses.

Although the best, as always, is to start testing in our own room. It is not going to be that we have the enemy at home and we still have not found out ...

Download QR-Code Ghost Detector - EM4 Sensor Radar for Pranks Developer: Talgame ent. Price: Free

Cyberdroix ghost

Ghost is a free app for Android developed by Cyberdroix It has all the necessary equipment to identify ghosts and entities from other astral planes. Its tools include:

  • Tape recorder: Converts the sensor reading into sounds. The perfect tool to detect psychophonies.
  • Paranormal activity detector: detects the level of paranormal activity.
  • Radar map: Identify the location of different types of ghosts on the map of our area (low energy / high energy / very high energy).
Download QR-Code Ghosts Joke Developer: CIBERDROIX Price: Free

I have tested both applications on my phone, and suspiciously the two apps have detected a much higher activity in a very specific area of ​​my house.

Coincidence? Just in case, I'm not going to sleep at home today. Tomorrow, we'll see. If you see that in the next few days I stop writing, let my friend Iker Jimenez know and take a good note, please ... What was that noise?

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