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A while ago there were many applications and services that allowed us send anonymous WhatsApp messages free of charge to our contacts or to any phone number associated with a WhatsApp account. But with the growth of the green giant that is WhatsApp, all these services have been falling little by little.

Today there is only one service that allows you to send photos and videos as well as send an anonymous message by WhatsApp totally free, and it is what we are going to talk about in this post. It's about the web Wassame, which allows us to send anonymous WhatsApp messages without spending a penny. Whether it is a text, voice, image or video message, we only have to enter the recipient's number to send the message.

Warning: These types of services should only be used in emergencies or when the disclosure of our identity could pose a risk to our personal safety. Any other illegal use is totally prohibited and in some countries even punishable by law.

How to send an anonymous WhatsApp for free with Wassame

One of the advantages of Wassame is that it is very easy to use. You do not have to register or leave any information to be able to send an anonymous WhatsApp message to any of our contacts. The operation is as follows:

  • We access the wassame website by doing a quick Google search.
  • We select the type of message we want to send by clicking on the upper icons (text, image, video, etc.).
  • We click on "Anonimous".
  • We write the message.
  • Important: We must select the destination country.
  • Finally we enter the phone number to which we want to send the message in question.
  • Finally, we must carry out a small authentication test, which is nothing more than a simple mathematical operation (in the image below, as you can see, it asks us for the result of "3 + 3").
The wassame page is divided into 2 sections: one to send messages and another where we can see all the messages that people send with this service

Once all the data has been filled in, you just have to click on “Send”So that our message is sent to its recipient without revealing our identity (logical on the other hand, since we have not entered any prior personal data or registered). So far the theory.

Once the message is sent, we will see a notification that indicates “Message sent”. Have you really reached your destination?


Wassame, being the last loophole to send this type of private messages, gets quite saturated, and many times the message may not reach its recipient. So if you are thinking of declaring yourself to your lifelong love with a private message, it is almost better to look for other alternatives, because it may be that your declaration of love never reaches its destination. I have done a test by sending a WhatsApp to myself and to be honest, although the system has indicated that the message has been sent, I have not received na ’de na’.

Another limitation of the service is that You can only send one message per recipient and per day, and in 5 minute intervals. In addition, as shipments are made from Wassame's servers, all of them are shown in the side panel of the web.

Can you really send anonymous WhatsApp messages from Wassame?

Everything points to YES, but as I mentioned a moment ago, I have not been able to verify it. Of course if we search the network the general opinion is that the service works, but as you can see, with certain ups and downs. A free and saturated service that can work, but with limited reliability.

Another point to consider is why we might need to send anonymous messages, if it is not for illegal purposes. Of course there is also room for joking and joking, which is what it should be used for in the worst case: have a good time and that's it. Keep in mind that if Wassame detects the sending of threats or risque images, the message will not be sent.

Updated: I keep trying to send anonymous messages through Wassame and I only get one message saying «500 - Internal server error«. It seems that the server is down ... Have any of you managed to send a message recently through this tool? If it is true that the service does not operate, it will be necessary to look for alternatives ...

Is there an alternative to Wassame?

If we search a little we can find another very similar website, WhatsApp Helper.The sending dynamics are practically the same, but… it just doesn't work, it won't even send the message. And on this side there is not much more to scratch.

If we want to send anonymous WhatsApp messages, a consistent alternative would be to register on an SMS receiving website such, or similar to get a virtual phone number.

Then when trying to create a new WhatsApp account, we choose verification by SMS and we introduce some of the virtual numbers that we have just obtained in this way. Thus the new WhatsApp account will be associated with that virtual number.

Some of these services allow us to read all the messages that arrive at certain virtual numbers without the need to register or register, so it can be the ideal solution to have a phone number that is not associated with our usual contact telephone number. .

In any case, it is still a somewhat dirty methodSince we do not control these virtual numbers, they can become publicly accessible and privacy is clearly in question. What do you think?

Another option: Use Google Voice to get a free phone number and associate it with WhatsApp

In the end, what we are looking for is a number that is not our usual number to send those messages by WhatsApp. In this case we can also use Google Voice, a service that allows us to achieve a 100% free phone number.

With this additional phone number, we can make calls, but also chat and send messages. Another advantage is that it is a multiplatform tool, which means that we can use it both on Android / iOS and from a desktop PC.

The only downside to this Google service is that it is not available worldwide. In Spain, for example, its use is not enabled. We can always use a VPN to make our way, but here we would already be doing a double corkscrew jump, and there it would be necessary to assess whether it is worth the effort.

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