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The PDF It is a format used in a multitude of environments, and it tends to be great when we want to share a document with text and some images. It is a very popular type of file for creating forms, printing invoices and other similar documents, since by default they cannot be modified as easily as a simple Word document.

However, the misuse of this format makes us also find comics or e-books in PDF. In the case of comics, it is more advisable to opt for the format CBR, and the same happens with ebooks: a book always reads much better in EPUB (or in MOBI format if we have a Kindle) than in a cumbersome PDF. Why?

Advantages of using the EPUB format

In contrast to other formats such as MOBI, which is the exclusive property of Amazon, the .epub format is a multiplatform standard, free and open used by most electronic reading devices and applications such as iBooks by Apple, Nook by Noble, Adobe Digital Editions, Aldiko and Android among others.

Unlike PDFs, which are basically intended to be printable documents, EPUB files are aimed at enhancing the user's reading experience, regardless of the device they are using. Among its features, the EPUB offers the possibility of fit your content (text and images) to the output device, and also allows you to search or underline text. With PDFs, all this is much more complicated, since we have to constantly zoom and we must also scroll horizontally to read any type of content. A fairly orthopedic solution if we want to read a book of more than 10 pages.

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How to transfer PDF to EPUB without installing any program

If destiny has sent us a book in PDF format and we want to convert it to a much more manageable format, the truth is that we don't even need to install any application to transform it into a beautiful EPUB. Just use an online tool like Zamzar or, which in addition to being free are terribly easy to use.


  • Open your browser and load the website.
  • Click on the green button "Add Files”And select the file you want to convert. Note: If the book or PDF that we want to convert is available online, the tool also gives us the possibility of doing the conversion simply by adding the URL from the “Select link” option.

  • Now we click on "Convert to"And select the option"EPUB”Among the various formats available within the drop-down.

  • To start the conversion from PDF to EPUB, click on the icon "Convert now”.

  • Once the process is completed, we just have to select the option "Download”To download the file.

The conversion process is really fast, although the waiting time will depend on the size of the ebook and the number of images it contains. To give us an idea, to carry out this tutorial we have converted the Don Quixote book (the first part, which has about 500 pages) from PDF to EPUB and the Zamzar website it took a little less than a minute to offer us the file in the requested format.

The use of Zamzar is completely free and does not require registration, although the tool also offers a premium service plan with which we can convert files up to 2GB in size and obtain 100GB of cloud storage, among other advantages.

The operation of this online utility is very similar to that of Zamzar.

  • We load the page in the browser.
  • Then click on "Click here”And select the PDF file.
  • On the next screen, we mark the format “EPUB”.

Automatically, the system will start the conversion process and when it is ready it will offer us a download link. The conversion speed is very similar to that of the previous website, taking about a minute to convert a book of about 500 pages to ebook format.

How to Convert PDF to EPUB Format on Windows, Mac, and Linux

If we are working from a desktop computer but we need to convert several documents, it may be more convenient for us to use a dedicated program. Caliber is an electronic book manager, which in addition to helping us to organize our entire digital library allows us to change the format of the ebooks easily.

The good thing about Caliber besides being a free and free application is that offers great compatibility, being able to be used so much in computers with Windows, like Linux and Mac (it even has a portable version).

  • We download the Caliber program from its official website (HERE).
  • Once installed, we open the application and add the PDF books that we want to convert to EPUB.
  • We select one of the documents and click on the button "Convert books”That appears in the top menu.

  • Then a window will open, and in the drop-down "Output format" we select "EPUB”. Click on "To accept”To convert the file.

As you can see, converting ebooks from PDF to EPUB with Caliber is the most convenient, and it is also great if we are regular readers and we need to put a little order among so many digital novels.

How to transfer a PDF to EPUB from Android

In the event that we want to carry out all the management from a phone or tablet, one of the most recommended options is Ebook Converter.

Download QR-Code Ebook Converter Developer: OnlineConverting Price: Free

This free Android application allows you to switch between various ebook formats, including PDF, MOBI, DOCX and of course, the EPUB format.

  • We open the Ebook Converter app and click on the "+" button located at the bottom of the menu "Records”.
  • We select the book or document that we want to convert.
  • Let's go to the menu "Conversion”And select the folder where we want to save the resulting file. In the countryside "Convert to"We select"EPUB”. The app also gives us the option to make some extra adjustments, such as choosing a cover or setting the author / title of the work.
  • To finish, click on the button "Turn into”.

This time the conversion process took a little longer than with the previous methods, taking about 3 minutes to convert the Don Quixote book from PDF to EPUB.

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