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Video platforms on demand from which we can see streaming series or movies They are booming, and companies like Netflix do not stop gaining millions of followers year after year. Although these types of services are ideal to enjoy on the big screen, mobility is increasingly essential, and there are not a few on-demand content companies that launch their own app for mobile phones and tablets.

In today's post we review some of the best streaming video apps for Android with which we can enjoy our favorite series and movies.

The best on-demand entertainment streaming apps for Android

Some of these apps may have regional restrictions, which means that their services may not be available in your country or region. In this case, remember that you can always try to take refuge in the bonanzas of VPN connections.


HBO's streaming video app for Android has always had the stigma of being one of the most expensive offers ($ 14.99 per month) and that is something that puts a lot of people back. The catalog of series and movies is not as big as Netflix's, but it is the home of Game of Thrones, The Sopranos, Silicon Valley, The Wire and many other great series. The first month is free.

Register QR-Code HBO Max: Stream HBO, TV, Movies & More Developer: WarnerMedia Direct, LLC Price: To be announced


Netflix is ​​the most iconic streaming video service today. More than 86 million subscribed users attest to the success of the streaming platform par excellence. High-quality service, countless series and movies, self-created content, a variety of genres, support for a multitude of devices, Netflix has it all. First month free and between € 7.99-€ 11.99 from the second month.

Download QR-Code Netflix Developer: Netflix, Inc. Price: Free


Crunchyroll is a streaming video platform exclusively geared towards anime, and has more than 25,000 chapters and around 15,000 hours of content. The app is free but with ads, although if we subscribe ($ 6.95 per month) we can get rid of them. It has a free 14-day premium trial period. The best way to watch anime from your mobile legally.

Download QR-Code Crunchyroll Developer: Ellation, LLC Price: Free


Hulu is another of the greats in this streaming content along with Netflix. It has a catalog especially focused on series and is one of the first to upload new content and chapters. It has a basic service of $ 7.99 with the occasional ad from time to time, and another of $ 11.99 completely free of advertising. In Spanish-speaking countries it is not as popular as Netflix, but it is undoubtedly one of the best known platforms worldwide with more than 12 million subscribers among its ranks. The first 30 days of subscription are free.

Register QR-Code Hulu: Stream TV shows & watch the latest movies Developer: Hulu Price: To be announced

Amazon Prime Instant Video

Amazon Prime is probably one of the most underrated streaming apps we can find. Its price is $ 99 per year (or $ 10.99 per month), and In addition to the streaming video platform, it offers other advantages, such as 2-day shipping for purchases we make on Amazon.

It also allows you to buy movies from the Amazon store and view them directly from Instant Video. Ah! And the first 30 days are free. Not bad.

Go to Amazon Prime Video

Sling TV

Sling is a live and streaming television network that exists only in online format. The basic package includes a score of TV channels such as FOX, AMC or History Channel for $ 19.99 per month, with the possibility of adding more channels: sports, children's programming or channels in Spanish. The downside is that all the channels of the basic package are in English and its price is somewhat high compared to other types of similar offers.

Register QR-Code Sling Television Developer: Sling TV, L.L.C. Price: To be announced


One of the best streaming content platforms, in general, of the present time. Fully focused on video games, It has an infinite number of channels to which we can subscribe and watch the videos of our favorite gamers in a very intuitive app with a really robust service. Free app with ads.

Download QR-Code Twitch Developer: Twitch Interactive, Inc. Price: Free

Google Home

Google Home is not a platform that offers streaming content as such. This app will help us to create our own media library, from which we can explore and manage any app that has support for Chromecast. It also syncs with other Google Home devices, and best of all, it's 100% free. Ideal for any user who has a Chromecast at home.

Download QR-Code Google Home Developer: Google LLC Price: Free

Google Play Movies

Application from where we can buy movies from the Google Play store and play them locally from Google Play Movies or streaming to any Chromecast compatible device. It is free and also usually comes pre-installed on Android so it is not necessary to download it.

Download QR-Code Google Play Movies Developer: Google LLC Price: Free


We can't finish this list without talking about YouTube. A platform in constant evolution that today has several interesting things: something similar to Twitch called Youtube Gaming, Youtube Kids with content for children (basically it is the YouTube of a lifetime but with certain restrictions) or Youtube Red, a paid service that for $ 9.99 removes all traces of ads from the platform.

Download QR-Code YouTube Developer: Google LLC Price: Free

What do you think of this list of the best streaming video apps for Android? Which is your favorite?

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