Advantages and disadvantages of using Windows 10 compared to previous versions

It has been 5 years since Microsoft released the latest version of its favorite operating system. Therefore, it is a good time to take stock of all the good and the bad that this has brought. Today, we analyzethe advantages and disadvantages of using Windows 10 for the average user in the middle of 2020.

Windows 10, an operating system in constant evolution

Yes OK the benefits of having Windows 10 haven't been as great as some expected if it is true that it fixes several things that did not finish with Windows 8. Broadly speaking, we find a more mature operating system, more oriented to the online world and with a good rate of automatic updates. Updates that have made the system evolve significantly since its release on the market back in July 2015.

Another key factor is Microsoft's attempt to make Windows 10 a universal system. For this reason, during the first years of the system's life, the manufacturer offered the possibility of upgrading to Windows 10 from Windows 7 or Windows 8. Totally free. The most interesting thing about all this is that today in 2020, this free activation service is still present. And it doesn't seem like they intend to disable it in the near future.

Therefore, if we have a Windows 7 or Windows 8 activation key, we can upgrade to Windows 10 with that same key. What's more, if we don't even have an original Windows license we can also update "through the cap", in a totally legal way, thanks to the program Windows Insider from Microsoft. Now, the one who has not moved to Windows 10 is because he does not want to ...

But let's go in parts. Which are the advantages and disadvantages of Windows 10 versus older versions of Microsoft's operating system?

Windows 10 Pros: Pros

If we are still running with a version prior to Windows 10, we may want to take a look at some of the advantages and facilities it offers. Although it is always a little "scary" to change the operating system -mainly due to application compatibility issues-, the good things that it incorporates are to be considered very thoroughly.

Power Toys

In 2019 Microsoft released a small set of open-source tools for Windows 10 under the name “PowerToys”. These curious utilities take care of perform simple but tremendously powerful tasks, for example, creating "zones" to reorganize the windows that we have on the screen or show the keyboard shortcuts available with a simple click.

One of my favorite power toys is PowerRename, a practical utility with which we can rename several files and folders at the same time. Something that is great for us to automate a task that on the other hand would be the most tedious.

To install Windows 10 Power Toys on our computer we must first enter the Microsoft GitHub repository, and from there download the MSI installation file more recent.

Dark mode

The dark mode in the interface customization options is a feature that we can already find in many of the most popular mobile apps of the moment. Windows 10 has been joining the party for a while now with its own dark mode. You can find more details on how to activate it in this ANOTHER POST.

The start menu returns and the double desktop disappears

I think that double desk did not end up liking anyone and the people of Microsoft have taken note. One of the great advantages of Windows 10 is that it returns to the classic boot with the famous start button at the top. With some changes, yes.

A lighter and less resource consuming system

Windows 10 consumes fewer resources than its predecessors, which makes working with it more fluid than on previous occasions and significantly improves its performance. They comment that it works especially well on older laptops and notebooks. This is the minimum that Windows 10 requires to function properly:

  • Processor: CPU with 1 GHz or higher
  • RAM: 1 GB (32-bit version) or 2 GB (64-bit version)
  • Hard disk: 16 GB (32-bit version) or 20 GB (64-bit version)
  • Graphics card: DirectX 9 with WDDM 1.0 800 × 600

Increased safety and reliability

Those of Redmond swear and perjure that it is your most secure operating system to date. We will have to wait for some time to pass to confirm it, but from the outset, it is very good news: seamless source code, higher levels of encryption and a more protected password manager.

There we have the example of the one known as Intelgate. The "Specter" and "Meltdown" vulnerabilities received their corresponding patches in updates that reached a speed rarely seen. Although it was not for less, given the repercussion of the scandal that occurred in January 2018.


One of the most striking novelties is the inclusion of Microsoft virtual assistant, Cortana. It is a mixture of search engine, agenda and a few other things. If you want to know something else, I recommend that you take a look at the post that we write on the subject.

Smart Windows Explorer

Windows folders now remember which are the most recent folders and the ones you use the most, and it shows you when you open the explorer.

After a couple of years using the new folder explorer, I can assure you that the difference is remarkable when it comes to browsing. We save a lot of clicks, which in the long run pays off a lot. Useful and practical.

Virtual desks

Another advantage of Windows 10 is that you now have the ability to create virtual desktops and use them at your convenience. What does this mean? Well you can create / configure 2 desktops, and switch from one to the other as you like. For example, you can create a desk for work, and another for leisure topics.

Internet Explorer disappears

After more than 20 years of nagging, they have retired this browser to make way for Edge. Is about a more minimalist and lightweight browser, which consumes fewer resources than its predecessors. They have even said that it consumes less RAM than Google Chrome (something not very difficult to achieve on the other hand).

If we are used to using Internet Explorer at first, we can acclimate ourselves. But once we have learned where everything is, all are advantages.

His gluttony knows no limits

Cloud sync

From now on Windows will be able to synchronize your data and settings from one device to another simply by being connected to the Internet. For example, we can now log into any Windows 10 computer with our own Outlook account. By doing this, the system is able to load the same wallpaper in all sessions, synchronize our Windows Store account and facilitate access to OneDrive directly from the browser.


If all these reasons weren't enough, it must also be said that Windows 10 is capable of running the programs that were designed for Windows 7 or Windows 8 with hardly any mess. Therefore, if we have qualms about switching to Windows 10 for fear that our applications will stop being compatible, we can rest assured: Windows 10 offers a very high level of compatibility with older versions of the system.

Windows 10 Disadvantages: Cons

Windows 10 has its downsides too. Although over time they have corrected many of these errorsIt is interesting to see what were the failures that were attributed to the last Microsoft Operating System when it was released.

No longer plays DVDs

Windows Media Center disappears, and with it the ability to play the DVD format. If you want to play your discs you will have to install an external application.

Free update only the first year

When Windows 10 was launched they told us that if we wanted to update to Windows 10 we would have to do it before August 2016. If not, we would have to go through the box. Fortunately, it has not ended up being like that.

To this day, we have verified that the free update service to Windows 10 is still working as it did on the first day. However, the official licenses that were announced for € 119 (Windows 10 Home) and € 199 (Windows 10 Proffesional), have gone on to cost € 145 and € 259 respectively, as of 2018.

Automatic and mandatory updates

From now on automatic updates will be required and only if you go through the checkout and become a Pro user will you be able to defer these updates. Over time this can become one of the great disadvantages of Windows 10 especially for advanced users who want to avoid certain updates on their system.


When Windows 10 was still very young, various bugs and system errors appeared. It was nothing serious, but many users still look at it with suspicion today.


It seems that a large number of users are not happy with the level of privacy that Windows 10 offers, in applications such as Cortana. What does Microsoft do with the user queries that Cortana records? An answer that for now seems quite difficult to determine for sure if we are guided only by the explanations offered by the manufacturer.

Control Panel

The classic control panel has been replaced by a simpler configuration panel but with fewer options. Maybe if you come from using an older version of Windows you find yourself a bit lost when it comes to handling certain aspects of the operating system.

Of course it is not a serious problem, since like most things in life, everything is a matter of getting used to.

Windows 10 Pros and Cons: Bottom Line

In short, and to give a general impression of what the release of Windows 10 has meant, we can say that the improvements and advantages of Windows 10 are evident compared to Windows 8, and in a way it is a small return to what which was and is Windows 7, but including greater use of the internet for synchronization and improved search and suggestion.

And what do you think dear reader? What are the advantages and disadvantages of Windows 10 that have most encouraged you to make the leap or to stay with your current operating system?

If you are encouraged to take the leap remember that if you have Windows 7 or Windows 8 you can install Windows simply by launching the pending system updates, or by following the guidelines indicated in «How to install Windows 10 from a USB stick«. And remember also that you can download a copy of the Windows 10 installation package by following the steps in «How to download Windows 10 for free and legally«.

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