15 free tools to diagnose problems in Windows

Thanks to these 15 applications, it is not necessary that we are experts in Windows to stop detect and diagnose problems in our PC. We can fix a pixel that has "hung", identify any hardware component, check the hard drive, analyze Wi-Fi connections, see which devices are connected to the network, check which folders are the ones that occupy the most disk space. and many other more than interesting functions.

Below, we have listed all these tools together with a short description and the corresponding download link. Some of them are really easy to use, while others require a bit more prior knowledge on the part of the user in order to get the most out of it. In general, we have a set of programs that can help us identify and fix practically any problem we may have on the computer.

Process Explorer

Unlike the ordinary process table that is shown in the Windows task manager, with this tool we can see all the main processes arranged hierarchically (tree format) with all child processes and the applications associated with them. An excellent application to know if a process has CPU problems or memory leaks.

Download Process Explorer


CPUID is a powerful tool with which we can see all the information related to the processor of our device. It can also help us to collect information about the GPU and RAM that the equipment mounts, in case we are thinking of renewing any of these components.

Download CPUZ

System Explorer

Excellent tool with which we can have an overview of the performance of our system with a higher level of detail than other similar applications. Among other things, it shows us an ordered list of all running processes, all active Internet connections, a history of active processes and much more.

Download System Explorer

Reliability monitor

This tool comes pre-installed with Windows, so you don't need to download it from anywhere. Just write "View Reliability History”In Cortana. The reliability history shows us a graph with all the errors that have occurred on our Windows 10 computer. It is very similar to the Windows Event Log, but it shows all the logs graphically, making it much easier to detect and identify errors.

Wi-Fi Analyzer

A powerful application with which we can see all the wireless networks that we have around us. It also shows the power of each of them and a detailed list of the Wi-Fi information to which we are connected (channel, frequency, bandwidth, etc.).

Wi-Fi Analyzer is a free tool that we can download directly from the Windows store.

Angry IP Scanner

If we think that our connection is slower than it should, we can use a tool like Angry IP Scanner. With it we can see a list of all the devices connected to the network, together with their IP, hostname and ping status.

Download Angry IP Scanner


One of those essential classics with which we can analyze our hard drives and see which folders take up the most space. All this shown in a graphical way that helps us to easily detect all those old files that take up a lot of disk space. Perfect for cleaning and freeing up space when we are a little tight on megabytes.

Download WinDirStat


With this valuable free tool we can analyze the hard drives of our PC and see if they are working in an optimal state. The application shows us the temperatures, error rate, power problems, etc. A simple program that can help us detect problems before it is too late and we lose all our data.

Download CrystalDiskInfo


Excellent utility that brings together several Windows diagnostic tools in a single application. It allows to have an overview of our entire system, including hardware information, monitoring of all components in real time, and the creation of detailed records on our computer.

Download HWiNFO


Freeware utility with a multitude of tools to diagnose and analyze any type of hard drivesuch as RAID disks, USB drives, and SSD solid state drives. The software includes tests to detect bad blocks, bad sectors and collect multiple parameters of our hard drive.

Download Hddscan

Sysinternals Suite

Suite of utilities and tools that we can download from the Microsoft website. It includes programs such as AdExplorer, Autologon, ClockRes, Coreinfo, Desktops, DiskView, PageDefrag, RAMMap, Sysmon and TCPView, among others. If we are looking for a single set of tools to control the processes, hardware, services and other elements of our system, this is probably the most recommended option.

Download Sysinternals Suite


Antiviruses can be a good tool to clean our PC of viruses and corrupted files, but sometimes they overlook malware. For that, we need an antimalware that is responsible for detecting all that malicious content that may be infecting our computer. Malwarebytes is easy to use like few others, and its effectiveness is beyond doubt. Plus, it's free.

Download Malwarebytes


Online tool used to detect the typical "stuck pixel" or hanging from our screen. To do this, it shows us a black screen where it is easier to locate the white or bright points that fail. Once this is done, JScreenFix takes care of correcting those stubborn pixels, solving the problem in less than 5 minutes.

Download JScreeFix

ESET SysInspector

An excellent tool for when we have problems in the team, but we do not know where to start. It is an all-in-one utility that scans the system for any type of errors (processes, services, badly installed hardware, OS files that require updating, suspicious files, registry problems, etc.).

Download ESET SysInspector

Debug Diagnostics 2

Tool for advanced users that collects all memory dumps from a Windows process for analysis. A diagnostic program that allows us to analyze the dumps in a more understandable way than if we analyze the files by hand ourselves.

Download Debug Diagnostics 2

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