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For a few years now, WhatsApp has been the undisputed leader among instant messaging services on smartphones around the world. Not in vain can they say that they have more than 700 million active users today, a number that does not stop growing. WhatsApp is a good communication tool and that is undeniable, but are there other alternatives? Of course! One of them, and perhaps its great competitor today is Line. Haven't you tried Line yet? Here are 10 aspects in which we believe that Line surpasses WhatsApp and makes it a more desirable application.

Stickers: It has a lot of free stickers. They are like the emojis of WhatsApp, but much bigger and funnier!

Line stickers are much more worked than the emojis of a lifetime

It is totally free: WhatsApp has a cost of just under a dollar / euro. Cost that on the other hand you will probably have to pay more than once if you change device, phone number or renewal fee. Line is completely free.

Double check slaves: Maintains a higher level of privacy. Whether or not you have read a message or your last connection time. Tired of worrying about what one of your contacts will think if you have read the message and do not reply immediately? With Line that problem simply ceases to exist.

Contacts:: Unlike WhatsApp online, it is not necessary to have a person's phone number to add them as a contact. In Line, as well as by phone number, you can add to your contacts by name, QR codes or simply by shaking your phone if you are near a friend.

Personal information: No need to register with a phone number. You can sign up for Line only with your Facebook account.

Sending files: With Line you can send all kinds of files to your contacts, while WhatsApp is limited to sending images, videos and contacts.

Video calls: WhatsApp has just announced that it will allow video calls, and we are glad. Welcome to it. In any case, Line has long incorporated the possibility of making both calls and video calls.

Other apps: Line has a lot of added applications that make it much more fun: Camera, drawing, games etc.

Interface: Here everything depends on the tastes of each one. Line's interface is much more colorful and cheerful compared to the more sober tones, icons and colors of WhatsApp. If what you are looking for is sobriety, WhatsApp is your application, but if you want to put some sauce in your life, welcome Line and surely you will not regret it.

The visual aspect of Line is very attractive

Changes of winds: Are you tired of the tyranny of WhatsApp? Do you not stop receiving messages from people you would prefer not to answer, or from those work groups that do not stop asking you for things? Head over to Line and tell them you no longer use WhatsApp. Today Line has fewer users than WhatsApp and that in a way can be even an advantage: A smaller club in which you can only communicate with those you are interested in.

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