The 10 best websites to download free fonts

¿You need to download high quality fonts totally free? Well, look no further, you've come to the right place! In this new Top 10 list I'm going to take the opportunity to recommend a few sites from which you can download free fonts for both commercial and personal use.

Some of these pages, such as 1001 Free Fonts, offer the possibility of downloading up to 10,000 fonts for the modest price of just under $ 20, thus saving you the trouble of having to search through their extensive catalog one by one for each type of font. Others on the other hand give you a couple of styles for the same type of font and from there they ask you to drop some money, and other pages simply ask you for a symbolic donation, of your choice. Each website is different, but in all of them you will find a large selection of free and quality fonts.

10 great repositories to download fonts for free

All the repositories that we recommend below offer a sea of ​​sources at your entire disposal for your use and enjoyment, so go ahead and take a look. I'm sure you will find more than one that you wish you had been using for a long time.

1001 Free Fonts

One of the best (if not the best) sites for downloading fonts all types. If you are looking for a font type very specific you may find it at 1001 Free Fonts. It has a useful search engine at the top of the web from where you can search for the type of font you need. It would be strange if you did not find it here. As well indicated on the web, the vast majority of font types are freeware (free) except for a small percentage that are shareware and it is necessary to register them. At the top of the page they have a table of fonts classified by categories, which is very useful if we are looking for font styles of type x or if we are looking for a specific font style but we do not know its exact name.

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Font squirrel

Font Squirrel is another of the great websites where you can find many downloadable letter designs. Here you will find types of fonts of all shapes and sizes, from free fonts that you can download directly to styles of letters for commercial or paid use. The side menu is very well organized and categorized, which helps a lot when looking for a very specific font.

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Creative Bloq

Creative Bloq is a website for graphic, web and 3D designers with quality content that seeks to inspire its readers. In addition, it has a great section from which you can download high-quality free fonts. They offer the 100 best free fonts that they have found online in this great post.

1001Fonts is a website very similar to, with a wide catalog of font styles and different fonts to download. All the styles of letters are ordered by categories and next to each one they have a label with a dollar symbol that indicates the type of license that each one carries. If the label is green, it means that it is a royalty-free typeface and can be used for commercial use. If it is red, it means that it can be downloaded for free for personal use.

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FontSpace has some fonts that I haven't found on other sites, and they are really cool. Unlike other websites on FontSpace all fonts for download are for personal (non-commercial) use. Here you can download fonts for MS Word or whatever your word processor is. Now if you can give a new air to your works or personal writings with the free letter fonts that you can find in FontSpace.

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Behance is a website for designers, illustrators and creatives in general where they can share and promote their talent. From fonts for free and commercial use to some in which the author appreciates a small donation, in most cases you will be able to download fonts of great quality and design. Highly recommended.

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FontFabric is the monda. All the fonts that you will find on their website are totally free for commercial and personal use (with the exception of the «Baron« font). The website was launched in 2008 by designer Svet Simov with the aim of becoming a great base to help other designers to make websites, print T-shirts or make logos. Since then they have accumulated a catalog of more than 100 original sources and the truth is that you can see the care and dedication provided in each one of them. Clean, stylish and well crafted fonts. Here you will find very personal types of fonts that you will not see anywhere else.

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Every year the team makes a list with top 100 free fonts and letter styles that they find on the net. It is a laborious selection job but it shows in the results. If you want to download fonts for personal or commercial use, take a look at the collections shown on this website, some will surely fall.

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As it says on the website, here you will find «fHand-selected fonts for graphic designers and web designers«. They have a collection of 382 free fonts to downloadYes, look at the license because some are for personal use only. In some cases you will be able to download the font from the website itself and in other cases you will be redirected to the website where said font is hosted (most are the same websites that we are mentioned in this same post).

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Finally, we are going to talk about, another website with a large repository of free fonts. Although most are totally free fonts, some will ask for a small donation or buy it directly. If you are tired of always using the same fonts for Word and want to vary a bit, take a look at this website.

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I hope this little guide has been useful to you. Ah! And if you know of any other website from which to download free and quality fonts please don't be shy and leave a comment :)

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