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The launchers or launchers they are the ultimate customization tool. Launcher-type applications after all are nothing more than apps that modify the appearance of our Android system, giving new airs to our desktop, menus and icons. And that's why we like them so much. A good launcher it changes everything.

Do you want to know some of the most popular that we can find today on Google Play? Here is a list of the most desirable launchers of this 2016. Let's go!

Action launcher 3

Action Launcher 3 is a minimalist launcher with design Material Design and a huge stack of features. Some of the most notable are the Shutters or blinds that allow us preview an app without opening it; the Quicktheme that adapt the theme of our home according to the colors of the wallpaper; or the Quickbar, a widget that allows you to add shortcuts to the classic Google search bar. All this without counting the large selection of icons and various customizations that we can create with this magnificent app for Android.

Download QR-Code Action Launcher Developer: Action Launcher Price: Free

Google Now Launcher

Google Now is the Google launcher, ideal for those looking for a minimalist experience. We will not find great customization options or millions of extras, simply takes care of putting everything on your site to navigate in a fast and fluid way.

This launcher is the one that comes pre-installed on phones Nexus and for now it is having constant updates, but with the new phones coming out Pixel (which has a different launcher) the future of this app is quite uncertain.

Download QR-Code Google Now Launcher Developer: Google LLC Price: Free

Nova Launcher

Nova is one of the most popular launchers on the Play Store. It can be as subtle or as overloaded as we want. It brings a great assortment of icons, themes and configuration options to modify our home screen so that it is just to our liking. With Not going We can organize our apps, widgets, create folders and the possibility of uploading a backup copy of our favorite configuration to the cloud. Probably the launcher that allows more customizations on Android right now. It has more than 10 million downloads and a 4.6 rating on Google Play.

Download QR-Code Nova Launcher Developer: TeslaCoil Software Price: Free

Go Launcher

This is the launcher of the themes. Have over 10,000 customizable themes for our desk, in addition to 25 screen animation effects and ones 15 additional widgets. I have not been able to verify it, but I think this is the launcher with the most downloads right now on Android: more than 200 million! Recommended especially for those who like to change the subject and play with the wallpaper and so on regularly.

Download QR-Code GO Launcher EX: Theme and Background Developer: GOMO Live Price: Free


This launcher developed by Asus it has some really cool features. Unfortunately it also includes some bloatware (unnecessary applications and widgets, but that we can remove if we do not like them). Your most useful tool is an application security system, used to set a pattern lock to certain apps so that no one can open them without our permission.

Download QR-Code ZenUI Launcher – Fast and smart. Developer: ZenUI, ASUS Computer Inc. Price: Free

Arrow Launcher

Arrow is Microsoft's launcher. Unlike most apps of this type, Arrow seems to be aimed at a more "office" user. Why? The design is very simple, and it has 2 menus of "Contacts:" and "Reminders (notes) ”, avoiding any addition that may be a distraction. The ideal app for work.

It also has a list of recent actions which comes in handy if we are looking for some data or app that we have just used. It is a very light launcher and yes, it has few customization options. Simply by the fact that it does not look anything like the rest of the apps, Arrow is a launcher that is worth taking a look at.

Download QR-Code Microsoft Launcher Developer: Microsoft Corporation Price: Free

Apex Launcher

Apex is the direct competitor of Nova Launcher. Both share practically the same characteristics: infinite themes, icons and configuration options. If you are thinking of installing a new launcher and you already knew Nova, maybe Apex also seems like a very good tool. In addition, it is very light.

Download QR-Code Apex Launcher - Custom, Protect, Efficient Developer: Android Does Team Price: Free

Atom Launcher

Atom is an app with a couple of pretty cool things. It has a theme creator, in addition to many other themes to download on Google Play. It also has gesture control, an extra hidden bar with more settings, widgets, icons and more. Highly recommended.

Download QR-Code Atom Launcher Developer: DLTO Price: Free

Hello Launcher

Another really popular launcher, with over 100 million downloads. It incorporates a fairly accurate gesture control, such as double-tap to open the app drawer, or swipe from one of the corners to display a list of the most common applications. It also has tons of themes and wallpapers to download.

Download QR-Code Hola Launcher - Themes and Backgrounds Developer: Holaverse Price: Free

Launcher 8

If you are looking for something really different and that does not look anything like Android, then you have to try Launcher 8. Its sole purpose is to turn our phone into a Windows Phone. If we want to feel what it is like to use Microsoft's system for mobile devices but on an Android phone, we just have to download and try this app.

Download QR-Code WP Launcher (Windows Phone Style) Developer: XinYi Dev Team Price: Free

What do you think of this list of killer launchers for Android? Do you know any other that are worth it? If so, do not hesitate to give your opinion in the comment box.

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