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Chrome extensions they are small –but powerful- tools that serve to add new functionalities to the browser and enrich the user experience. Extensions have always been associated with the desktop version of the Google browser, but thanks to a recent update carried out in the Kiwi browser, we can enjoy them on any Android device.

Kiwi Browser, an open source browser based on Chromium

Kiwi is an open-source browser for Android Built on the foundations of Chromium (an open source web browser from which Google Chrome gets its source code) and WebKit. This is why when we use it for the first time, we immediately find a recognizable interface, very similar to Chrome, but with some small changes that make Kiwi a unique browser.

To start with, we have a browser that blocks intrusive ads, all kinds of pop-ups and offers protection against cryptocurrency mining. It is also capable of blocking those horrendous website notifications that have become so fashionable lately, and it even allows blocking AMP pages for those who prefer to consult the websites directly. Mainly, it is a browser very similar to Chrome but with a clearly privacy-oriented approach.

Leaving all these chanantadas aside, Kiwi also has a relatively new functionality with which we can install the famous Chrome extensions and use them on our Android phone as if we were in front of a desktop PC.

How to install a Chrome extension on mobile

Installing extensions works exactly the same as on the desktop version of Chrome. In this case, we just have to open Kiwi and enter the Chrome Web Store. Once we have found the extension that interests us, click on the button "Add to Chrome”.

Next, we will see a confirmation message that we must accept, and the extension will begin to install automatically. From here on, we will be ready to get ripped and see how our favorite extensions work on Android.

Dark Reader, for example, works perfectly, applying the dark mode on any website we visit.

How to uninstall an extension in Kiwi

If later we want to uninstall any of these extensions we just have to open the drop-down menu located in the upper right margin and click on "Extensions”. From this new window we can disable any extension by deactivating the corresponding tab, or uninstall it by clicking on the "Remove”.

The Chrome extensions are developed for PCs and desktops, which means that many of the menus and options are not optimized for mobile phones, which for all practical purposes can weigh on the experience a bit. As for the usefulness of the extensions themselves, it depends on the extension we want to use: some run perfectly, others pull more or less and others simply don't work.

During the preparation of this post I have tried a couple of them –Blocksite and Dark Reader- and the truth is that I have not had any problems, but everything will depend on the specific extension we want to use. In any case, it is a very interesting feature for all those who want to give this excellent browser a try.

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