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Shooter type games –Or what is the same, shooting games- involve dynamics that in principle might not be very suitable for playing on mobile devices, since they require a high level of precision. Luckily, the developers have managed to transfer the genre quite successfully, modifying the gameplay but maintaining the spectacular, fun and adrenaline typical of the action genre.

In today's post we review some of the best first-person shooter (FPS) games for Android, third-person shooters and, in short, all those titles in which running out of ammunition is a sign of game over imminent.

Top 10 shooting games for Android

To make this list a little more interesting, we have omitted some known bombings more than enough around the world, such as Call of Duty Mobile, Fortnite and PUBG, in order to make room for other shooters that are also very worthwhile and that are not talked about as much in the typical top rankings of the genre.

Shadowgun legends

Shadowgun Legends is a competitive PvP shooter It also offers cooperative multiplayer and a campaign mode with more than 200 missions where we must save humanity from an alien attack. The game is loaded with equipment, with more than 600 weapons (pistols, assault rifles, machine guns, sniper rifles, rocket launchers and more), 1000 pieces of armor and a multitude of cosmetic elements.

A title full of quality that has undoubtedly stood out from the crowd, and proof of this is that it is one of the winners of the Google Play Awards of 2019. Excellent graphics and particle system with animations of the most successful that come close to what we could see in a desktop console, although yes, it requires that we have a powerful smartphone capable of moving it.

Download QR-Code Shadowgun Legends: FPS Shooting Games Online Developer: MADFINGER Games Price: Free

Gods of Goom

Gods of Goom is a first person shooter with a colorful and fun type design cartoon which is visually quite reminiscent of Fortnite. East competitive online shooter for Android it features a large community of players, well-designed maps, a good variety of weapons, and clear, customizable controls.

As for the game itself, it consists of 4-on-4 games, with scenarios that allow both close-range combat and sniper attacks from afar. Many people complain that at a certain point the game becomes a pay to winAlthough up to level 30 or so the title offers a fairly balanced experience. In any case, one of the best shooters that we can try for Android in 2020.

Download QR-Code Gods of Boom - Online PvP Action Developer: Game Insight Price: Free


Ailment is a game with pixel-art graphics that travels halfway between shooter and RPG games on Android dungeon exploration. Here we will have to explore the maps to collect ammunition, weapons and objects, and in the process defeat our enemies in some quite intense action combats.

This is a very enjoyable title, both for its refined controls (something essential in this type of game) and for its mechanics. In addition, it includes a good number of Easter eggs, a good soundtrack with ambient music and a well-worked science fiction story.

Download QR-Code Ailment: Shooting Game Developer: Ivan Panasenko Price: Free

Neon Shadow

First person shooter (FPS) game with cyberpunk aesthetics where we must save humanity from the dark mechanoids that have taken control of our space base. We are facing a shooter with a great variety of powerful weapons, each with its own abilities and a gameplay that resembles the classic Doom-type FPS.

Neon Shadow offers support for MOGA, HID and Nvidia Shield drivers. Its features include the ability to play in local multiplayer mode, with the screen divided into 2 (perfect for Android tablets). It also includes online multiplayer.

Download QR-Code Neon Shadow: Cyberpunk 3D First Person Shooter Developer: GameClub Inc. Price: Free

Critical ops

One of the best first person shooters for Android, with more than 50 million installations behind it and a million active players daily. Critical Ops offers 3 game modes: team deathmatches, bomb disposal, and a mode in which we change weapons every time we eliminate an opponent.

The game is free, and although it includes in-game purchases (microtransactions) the developers have promised that it will never become a pay-to-win. A title reminiscent of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Counter Strike, with very good graphics and controls to match.

Download QR-Code Critical Ops Developer: Critical Force Ltd. Price: Free

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Dead Effect 2

The successor to Dead Effect is a sci-fi space shooter with RPG elements that give a layer of depth to the game that we cannot find in other similar titles. It has spectacular graphics for a mobile game, with a lot of weapons to collect and a wide variety of enemies.

As an interesting point, mention that it has a campaign mode that extends to 20 hours of play (+10 extra hours of secondary missions), something that is not usually very common in mobile games, where multiplayer predominates with an iron fist. It offers gamepad compatibility and is optimized for the Nvidia Shield TV, so if you have one of these devices and you like shooters, you should definitely give it a try.

Download QR-Code Dead Effect 2 Developer: App Holdings Price: Free

Battle prime

This time we find a third person shooter game. In Battle Prime we will discover 8 Prime Agents that we will have to unlock and play with, each with unique powers that give us certain advantages on the battlefield.

Although the game has a limited number of maps, these are quite large and help foster strategy and teamwork. Now, although the game is free, it requires a premium subscription to unlock more characters, and this is not exactly cheap. For a mobile game it has quite spectacular graphics.

Download QR-Code Battle Prime Online - multiplayer action shooter Developer: Press Fire Games Price: Free

Gunstar Heroes Classic

We look back to the 90s, when Sega introduced this Gunstar Heroes for the Mega Drive, a side scrolling shooter that has nothing to envy the Megaman and other shooting and platform games of the time.

This shoot'em'up that has now received a free port for Android within the Sega Forever initiative, includes optimized graphics, touch control, local and multiplayer mode, support for gamepads and more. A whole classic.

Download QR-Code Gunstar Heroes Classic Developer: SEGA Price: Free

Contract Killer: Sniper

In Contract Killer we put ourselves in the shoes of a master sniper hired to infiltrate and eliminate long-range targets. The game features a campaign mode and more than 250 missions, as well as a varied number of weapons ranging from assault rifles, knives, heavy artillery and more.

It also has some very interesting visuals, such as the slow motion when we are going to give the final blow to an enemy, or the cover system that allows us to jump from one object to another with ease. The game is free although it includes purchases within the application, which unfortunately end up being necessary if we want to play at a competitive level. In any case, if the only thing we want is to have a good time, we are before one of the funniest sniper shooters that we can find on Android.

Download QR-Code CONTRACT KILLER: SNIPER Developer: Glu Price: Free

Overkill 3

Overkill 3 is a third person shooter in which the game guides us through each level while we take care of aiming and shooting everything that moves. Throughout each screen we will be unlocking new weapons and accessories, as well as collecting stars that are given to us for fulfilling certain objectives and that we use to unlock new missions.

Although the graphics are not stunning, they are quite eye-catching and do their job very well. It also has cooperative multiplayer mode so that we can play games with friends and other players online. It is free and does not have many ads, which is appreciated.

Download QR-Code Overkill 3 Developer: Craneballs Price: Free

And what do you say, what are your favorite shooters for Android?

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