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What would it be cool to have free internet access without spending a single mega of our data connection? That is what the application is looking for WiFi Master Key, an app for Android that offers millions of free access points for the users of this very interesting application for Android.

400 million free WiFi access points

This all sounds great, but how does the WiFi Master Key get all those free connections? The key is to share. Anyone with the WMK app installed can safely share their wireless connection, allowing any other user who has the application installed to connect to your network.

In this way, and taking into account that the application has more than 800 million users, we can find more than 400 million free access points spread all over the planet.

How to connect to a shared WiFi network with WiFi Master Key

The connection process is really simple: we open the app and let the system scan the nearest networks. All WiFi networks that have the blue key icon They are free access points to which we can connect openly, without the need for any type of password.

I have been testing WMK and the truth is that for a city not very big like mine (60,000 inhabitants) it has a good number of free access points, and many others that can be shared (see image below).

Sharing our own wireless connection

This app wouldn't do much good if people didn't share their own network. The truth is that most open connections are offered by hotels, restaurants, bars and establishments, but we as individual users can also share our own connection.

To do this, we simply have to click on the button "Plus”Located at the bottom of the interface and select“Share”. Add the access password and click on "Share" one more time.

The connection will go through the WiFi Master Key filter, protecting and maintaining the security and integrity of our WiFi network, allowing the rest of the app users to connect to it. Of course, we can always stop sharing our network by clicking on "More -> Cancel Sharing”.

Check the security, speed and strength of the connection

WiFi Master Key also allows to carry out some tests on the WiFi to which we are connected. From the button “To find out”We can do 3 types of checks:

  • Securing”: Check the security of the wireless network.
  • Test speed”: Perform a speed test.
  • Check signal”: Check the strength of the WiFi signal.
Register QR-Code WiFi Master - by Developer: LINKSURE NETWORK HOLDING PTE. LIMITED Price: To be announced

WiFi Master Key, a very complete application that will serve to increase our network of free access points and save a few megabytes of our data rate, with a simple and easy-to-use interface. More than 50 million Android users attest to this.

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