Complete list of Netflix movies and series in 4K / Ultra HD (2020)

What series and movies can we currently find on Netflix that are in 4K (Ultra HD) resolution? Is there an official list that we can consult? The truth is that Netflix is ​​quite hermetic in this sense and does not offer concrete data. Although yes, it encourages us to make a query in your search engine with the terms "Ultra HD" or "4K".

The bad thing is that with this search we will not obtain all the feature films and series that are in 4K, only the most outstanding ones. What can we do then? To give an answer closer to reality, we have curated the content, contrasting several Internet lists and consulting Netflix's own catalog as of today (January 30, 2020).

Minimum requirements to watch Netflix in 4K (UHD)

Before starting, it is worth remembering the following minimum requirements that we must meet in order to watch streaming content with 4K quality (also known as “Ultra HD”) from Netflix.

  • A 60Hz TV that supports 4K resolution: The first thing we need is a device (TV screen, monitor, smartphone, or laptop) that supports Netflix Ultra HD streaming. As indicated on Netflix's own help page, some of the supported brands are Hisense, Insignia, LG, Panasonic, Philips, Roku TV, Samsung, Sharp, Sony, Tatung TV, TCL TV, Toshiba, Vestel and Vizio.
  • Other Netflix 4K Compatible Devices: In addition to the displays just mentioned, there are also other devices that are compatible with Netflix 4K playback. These devices must be connected to a 4K 60Hz TV with an HDCP 2.2 certified HDMI cable. Officially supported devices are: Air 7410X (Waoo! In Denmark), Airtel Hybrid (India), AirTV Player, Amazon Fire TV (new version), Apple TV 4K, BANDOTT BA101 (FLnet in Taiwan), British Telecom - BT DTRT- 4000, Broadcom VIP5662 (Bell Canada), Bouygues Bbox Brooklyn, Canal Digital OnePlace, Cellcom (4K capable models), Chromecast Ultra, Viewing (CJ Hellovision in South Korea), Comcast Xfinity Arris XG1v4 (X1), Dish Hopper 3, Dish 4K Joey (ZiP110), D'Live H5, DNA TV-hubi, Deutsche Telekom (4K-capable models), Euskaltel, R Cable or Telecable Deco 4K, Fetch Mighty, Free (4K-capable models), Frontier Communications VIP5602 and VIP5662, Get (4K capable models), HOT Fiber 4k, KPN, Telfort, XS4ALL (4K capable models), LG U +, MEOBox 4K from MEO Portugal, Movistar Argentina (4K capable models), Movistar Spain (4K capable models) 4K), Nvidia Shield, Orange France (4K capable models), Orange Livebox Play in Spain, Orange Samsu ng ICU100 in Poland, Partner TV, PCCW nowOne, Pik TV (Telus Canada), PLAY NOW DECODER, PlayStation 4 Pro, Proximus (4K capable models), Quickline UHD Box, Roku (4K capable models), Sagem 4K (Totalplay in Mexico), Sasktel maxTV Stream, Sky (4K capable models), SFR (4K capable models), Sunrise DIW384, T-Mobile Poland (4K capable models), Telecom Italia TIMvision (4K capable models), Telenet Decoder 4K, Telkom SA LIT Decoder, TiVo Bolt, UHD Swisscom Decoder, UPC Decoder, Virgin Media (4K capable models), Vodafone Decoder (4K capable models), Xbox One S and Xbox One X, YouSee Decoders (YS-4000) and Ziggo Mediabox Next.
  • An Internet connection of at least 16Mbps: Although Netflix recommends a 25Mbps connection for optimal streaming. In other words, with any fiber optic connection we would have more than enough. If we have doubts, we can always make a speed test.
  • The Premium Ultra HD plan: The only subscription model that currently offers 4K content on Netflix is ​​the Premium Ultra HD plan.

Netflix series and movies available in 4K Ultra HD resolution (2020)

Netflix is ​​currently the streaming service that offers the most content in 4K. Now that we have everything ready, let's see what series, movies, documentaries and animes are available in this playback format.

Note: Next to each title, we have added 2 columns for those titles that also offer HDR (greater depth in colors) and Dolby Digital 5.1 sound.

Netflix Original Series in 4KHDRSound
To order with Marie Kondo!5.1
Who was…?5.1
13 Reasons Why5.1
1994 (limited series)5.1
3% (Season 3)5.1
72 dangerous animals: Latin America5.1
72 dangerous animals: Asia5.1
Free rein5.1
A Tale of Two Kitchens5.1
Abstract: The Art of DesignHDR5.1
After lifeHDR5.1
AJ and the queen5.1
Alexa & KatieHDR5.1
Alias ​​Grace5.1
All About the WashingtonsHDR5.1
High seas (Season 1)5.1
Altered CarbonHDR5.1
Always a Witch "Always a witch"5.1
American vandalHDR5.1
College friendsHDR5.1
Anne with an "E"5.1
Arrested DevelopmentHDR5.1
This is how they see us (Limited series)HDR5.1
Audrie & Daisy5.1
Bad Blood (Season 2)5.1
Best. Worst. Weekend. Ever.HDR5.1
Black Earth Rising - Limited Series5.1
Black Mirror (Season 5)HDR5.1
Black summerHDR5.1
White helmets5.1
Chef’s TableHDR5.1
Chef’s Table FranceHDR5.1
Chelsea does5.1
Collateral (Limited Series)5.1
Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee5.1
Food for PhilHDR5.1
How to Sell Drugs Online (Season 1)5.1
Conversations with Killers: The Ted Bundy Tapes5.1
Believe me5.1
Cricket Fever: Mumbai Indians5.1
Christmas ChroniclesHDR5.1
Dancing queen5.1
Dead to me5.1
Day to day5.1
Dirty money5.1
Dogs (One season)HDR5.1
Easy (Seasons 1-3)5.1
Educating a superhero5.1
The spy5.1
The gourmet samuraiHDR5.1
The great Ottoman empire5.1
The Kominsky methodHDR5.1
The Prince of Peoria (Part 2)HDR5.1
The Williamson project5.1
Nick's Secret: Part 15.1
Sex, in a nutshell5.1
The neighbor5.1
In a nutshell5.1
F is for Family5.1
Fast & Furious: Spies at full throttle5.1
Fastest Car5.1
Fire chasersHDR5.1
First and last5.1
First Team: Juventus5.1
Formula 1: The thrill of a Grand Prix5.1
Giri / Haji: Duty / Dishonor5.1
Girl bossHDR5.1
Go! Live your way5.1
Godless - Limited SeriesHDR5.1
Grace and frankie5.1
Hakan, the protector5.1
Hibana: SparkHDR5.1
Hip-Hop Evolution5.1
History of a crime: Colmenares5.1
Crime Story: Colosio5.1
Stories of San Francisco (Limited Series)5.1
Historical Roasts (Season 1)5.1
Homecoming (Beyoncé)HDR5.1
Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On5.1
House of Cards5.1
Huge in FranceHDR5.1
I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson5.1
Inside the World’s Toughest Prison’s5.1
Internet and the new journalism5.1
Jailbirds (Season 1)5.1
Sacred games5.1
Kevin Hart: Don't f ** k this up5.1
Kingdom (Season 1)5.1
The house of flowers5.1
The Money Heist5.1
The disappearance of Madeleine McCannHDR5.1
The October faction5.1
The secret law5.1
The light of storiesHDR5.1
The curse of Hill HouseHDR5.1
Killer's Mind: Aaron Hernandez5.1
Death Sells (Season 1)5.1
The new generationHDR5.1
The land of the tides5.1
Lady dynamite5.1
Cable girls5.1
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina5.1
The New Legends of Mono5.1
Last Chance U5.1
Thieves of the forest5.1
Bruno's Walks (Season 1)5.1
Malibu Watchmen (Season 1)HDR5.1
Lost in spaceHDR5.1
Sees it5.1
Love, Death & RobotsHDR5.1
Lucifer (Seasons 1-4)HDR5.1
Forced mothers5.1
Magic for Humans5.1
Manhunt: Unabomber5.1
Marco PoloHDR5.1
Marvel’s DaredevilHDR5.1
Marvel’s Iron FistHDR5.1
Marvel’s Jessica Jones5.1
Marvel’s Luke CageHDR5.1
Marvel’s PunisherHDR5.1
Marvel’s The DefendersHDR5.1
Master of None5.1
Medal of HonorHDR5.1
Medical Police5.1
Million Yen Women5.1
Most Beautiful Thing5.1
Russian dollHDR5.1
Nailed It (Season 3)5.1
Narcos: MexicoHDR5.1
Netflix Presents: The Characters5.1
No introduction needed with David Letterman (Season 2)5.1
You can't hide5.1
Nocturne (Short film)HDR5.1
Nola Darling (Season 2)HDR5.1
Northern Rescue5.1
Our planetHDR5.1
On My BlockHDR5.1
Orange is the new Black5.1
Other life5.1
Peaky blinders5.1
Pine Gap - Season 15.1
Dear whites5.1
Real Rob5.1
Rilakkuma and Kaoru5.1
Rust Valley Restorers5.1
Salt, fat, acid, heatHDR5.1
Samantha! (Season 2)5.1
Santa Clarita DietHDR5.1
Sense 85.1
Sex educationHDR5.1
Without fear5.1
Surviving Escobar5.1
Survival is the challenge5.1
Spinning out5.1
Star Trek: Discovery5.1
Stranger thingsHDR5.1
Street food5.1
Suburra: The Series5.1
Designated Successor (Season 3)HDR5.1
Sugar rush5.1
Sunset: The Golden Mile5.1
Super drags5.1
The Chef Show (Season 1)5.1
The Comedy Lineup5.1
The Crown5.1
The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell5.1
The End of the Fu *** ing World5.1
The Get Down5.1
The Gift5.1
The Good CopHDR5.1
The hard way5.1
The I-Land5.1
The movies that made us5.1
The Order (Season 1)HDR5.1
The Rain (Season 2)5.1
The Ranch5.1
The Society (Season 1)5.1
The Standups5.1
The Umbrella Academy5.1
The witcher5.1
The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes5.1
Everybody at the tableHDR5.1
Everything is shitHDR5.1
Trigger Warning with Killer Mike5.1
Troy: The Fall of a City5.1
Tunnel of Corruption (Season 2)5.1
Turn up charlie5.1
Ugly Delicious5.1
Ultimate Beastmaster5.1
A place to dream5.1
A series of catastrophic misfortunesHDR5.1
Unbreakable: Kimmy Schmidt5.1
V Wars5.1
w / Bob & David5.1
Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp5.1
Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later5.1
What If? (Season 1)HDR5.1
Wu assassins5.1

Let's see now which are the series that are broadcast on Netflix in 4K but that are not owned by the company, which means that they can be removed from the catalog at any given time.

Non-Netflix Original Series in 4KHDRSound
Better Call Saul Seasons 1-2 (AMC)5.1
Breaking Bad: Seasons 1-5 (AMC)5.1
Brooklyn nine-nine5.1
The book of US secrets5.1
The universe5.1
For the Love of Spock5.1
Great events of World War II in color5.1
The 1005.1
Outlander (Season 2 and 3)5.1
Rick and morty5.1
Spartacus: Blood and Sand5.1
The Big Bang Theory5.1
The Blacklist: Seasons 1-6 (NBC)5.1
The walking dead5.1
The Writer: Season 15.1

We now go with the list of Netflix original movies in 4K (UHD) resolution.

Netflix Original Movies in 4KHDRSound
Game Over, man!HDR5.1
Who would you take to a desert island?5.1
July 22HDR5.1
6 in the shade5.1
Conquering Congress5.1
A Very Murray Christmas5.1
After Maria (Documentary)5.1
Across the windHDR5.1
Alex Strangelove5.1
Someone special5.1
Amanda knox5.1
Friends with tradition5.1
Bird Box: BlindHDR5.1
Burn out5.1
Princess change5.1
Alien campHDR5.1
Candy jar5.1
Roe Case: Abortion in the USAHDR5.1
Chief daddy5.1
Come sunday5.1
How to get rid of your boss5.1
Criminals at sea5.1
Christmas chronicles5.1
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny5.1
Death noteHDR5.1
The Apostle5.1
The Siege of JadotvilleHDR5.1
Good sam5.1
The christmas calendar5.1
The way5.1
The song of the wolf5.1
The end of everything5.1
The Irish5.1
The Outlaw KingHDR5.1
Elisa and Marcela5.1
Final ambush5.1
In search of the coralHDR5.1
In the tall grass5.1
Grass is greener5.1
Christmas inheritance5.1
Story of a marriage5.1
Ghost stories5.1
I am mother5.1
Keith Richards: Under The Influence5.1
The app5.1
The Ballad of Buster ScruggsHDR5.1
The sword of the immortal5.1
Worst weekHDR5.1
The perfection5.1
The first time we met5.1
The land of good customs5.1
The last laugh5.1
Loyal, there's only one way to live5.1
The two popes5.1
War machineHDR5.1
Marco Polo: One Hundred Eyes5.1
Memoirs of an international assassin5.1
Message from the king5.1
Miranda Sings Live… Your Welcome5.1
Airplane mode5.1
Mowgli, the legend of the jungle5.1
National Parks Adventure5.1
Night of wolvesHDR5.1
Us in the nightHDR5.1
Our Planet: Behind the Scenes5.1
One of Us5.1
Operation Finale5.1
Paradise beach5.1
Pee Wee’s Big Holiday5.1
Little devil5.1
Point Blank: Countdown5.1
Point break5.1
Maybe foreverHDR5.1
Remastered: Devil's Crossroads5.1
ReMastered: The Miami Showband Massacre5.1
ReMastered: The Lion's Share5.1
ReMastered: The Two Murders of Sam Cooke5.1
Remastered: Who Shot the Sheriff5.1
Rescue in the Red Sea5.1
Rolling Stones Ole Ole Ole5.1
Christmas safari5.1
Sandy WexlerHDR5.1
They took him5.1
See You Yesterday5.1
Seven secondsHDR5.1
Shimmer lake5.1
Take Your Pills (Documentary)5.1
The Angel5.1
The BabysitterHDR5.1
The Black Godfather (Documentary)5.1
The Cloverfield ParadoxHDR5.1
The Dirt5.1
The Do OverHDR5.1
The hard way5.1
The King5.1
The Laundromat: Dirty Money5.1
The Outsider5.1
The Ridiculous 6HDR5.1
The Silence5.1
The Wandering EarthHDR5.1
All the freckles in the world5.1
All or nothing5.1
Triple frontier5.1
A stupid and useless gestureHDR5.1
A christmas prince5.1
Velvet buzzsawHDR5.1
Private life5.1
Walk. Ride. Rodeo.5.1
What Happened, Miss Simone?5.1
I am dolemite5.1

These are the feature films and documentaries in Ultra HD that are broadcast on Netflix but are not owned by the company (subject to being withdrawn).

Non-Netflix Original Movies in 4KHDRSound
What a dilemma!5.1
12 brave5.1
2 rebel cops5.1
Do not touch cats5.1
Acts of vengeance5.1
After earth5.1
Alien warfare5.1
Anarchy: Night of the Beasts5.1
Angels and Demons5.1
Year one5.1
APEX: The History of the Hypercar5.1
Fatal weapon5.1
Assault to power5.1
Hot aces5.1
Assassin's Creed5.1
Dancing with the birds5.1
Batman Begins5.1
Bean, the latest in catastrophic cinema5.1
Beyond Skyline5.1
Fireplace in your home5.1
Steel hearts5.1
go hard5.1
Deep impact5.1
Criminal de-minds5.1
Total challenge5.1
Say yes5.1
Django Unchained5.1
Pain and money5.1
Dracula: The Untold Legend5.1
Edge of fear5.1
Grandpa spy5.1
The dark knight5.1
The Bourne Affair5.1
El Chapo5.1
The Da Vinci Code5.1
The Golem5.1
The Great Gatsby5.1
The man of steel5.1
The incredible Hulk5.1
Gerald's game5.1
The sinister side of the moon5.1
The Bourne legacy5.1
The messenger5.1
The Bourne myth5.1
The Lost World: Jurassic Park5.1
The other bodyguard5.1
The price of power5.1
The protector5.1
The reborn5.1
The Saint5.1
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring5.1
The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers5.1
The hitman of god5.1
In the spotlight5.1
Ex machina5.1
Green lantern5.1
World War Z5.1
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows5.1
Hellboy 2: The Golden Army5.1
Incredible but false5.1
Infiltrators in Miami5.1
Invasion to the Earth5.1
Invincible (Unbroken)5.1
Hombre de Hierro5.1
Jack Ryan: Operation Shadow5.1
Jackass 35.1
Jupiter Ascending5.1
Jurassic park5.1
Jurassic park iii5.1
Kill Bill: Volume 15.1
King kong5.1
The alliance of evil5.1
The death Race5.1
The thing5.1
The wellness cure5.1
The fifth wave5.1
The Snow White Chronicles: The Huntsman5.1
League of Justice5.1
Embarrassing mess5.1
Ghostbusters (1984)5.1
The mercenaries 25.1
The other two5.1
The losers5.1
The Smurfs 25.1
Matrix Reloaded5.1
Mission Impossible: Secret Nation5.1
Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol5.1
Molly’s Game5.1
Moneyball: breaking the rules5.1
Moving art5.1
Hangover business5.1
Us in the night5.1
Objetive the white house5.1
Paddington 25.1
Pan: Journey to Neverland5.1
Hidden plan5.1
Proud Mary5.1
Resident Evil: Afterlife5.1
King Arthur: The Legend of Excalibur5.1
National security5.1
Shot caller5.1
Steve Jobs5.1
Super Agent 86. From movie5.1
The amazing Spider-Man5.1
The amazing Spider-Man 25.1
The debt collector5.1
The hard way5.1
The Mechanic5.1
The Redeemed and the Dominant: Fittest5.1
The tourist5.1
This is it5.1
Transformers 4: Age of Extinction5.1
A death funeral5.1
A peaceful place5.1
A life in style5.1
Live twice5.1
Warcraft: The Origin5.1
We, the Marines5.1
Wild wild west5.1

We finish with the feature films and anime series that are currently broadcast in Ultra HD resolution.

Flavors of YouthHDR5.1
Godzilla 1: Planet of the Monsters5.1
Godzilla 2: City of the Edge of BattleHDR5.1
Godzilla 3: The Planet EaterHDR5.1
Knights of Sidonia (2 Seasons)HDR5.1
Kengan ashura5.1

If you see that we have left a title in the inkwell, do not hesitate to correct us in the comments area.

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