The best sites to download free games for PC legally

Enjoying the latest installment of your favorite video game saga, or the game of the moment, has truly become an odyssey. And is that if you do not have the ability to buy your games, you must resort to pirated pages that end up damaging your computer. Therefore, it is preferable download free games for pc legally.

Get free PC games legally

A vast majority of sites to download games for pc They offer discounts, or sometimes free games for their users. You just have to wait for the right moment to find an appropriate offer, or a discount coupon that we can benefit from.

Many of these titles are acquired by simply being a user of the platform, so it is necessary to register on the indicated site. Likewise, a large number of them are available thanks to the initiatives carried out by developers and online stores.

Best sites to download free games for PC legally

There are various sites to download free games for PC legally. Do you want to know them?


Steam is one of the favorite platforms to get free games for PC. New indie-type games are usually available in the store on this site, specifically in its free-to-play game section. Sometimes they offer discounts for a limited time of 15 to 100 percent off the original price.

This site stands out mainly for being the creator of games like DotA 2, ARK, Arma 3, and many other popular titles. You just need to register to get some free.

Enter Steam

Good old games

Good old Games, better known by its acronym GoG, is a site where you can enjoy all kinds of free games for PC in its free-to-play section. It is not necessary to be a verified user.

You can enjoy a wide library of all kinds of titles, from the oldest to the newest. The site occasionally offers discounts on popular PC games like GTA V.


Humble store

With Humble Store you can have a very complete catalog of free games for PC from the past and current generation. Nothing better than enjoying its excellent discounts, and its free games section. Like other game download sites, you only need to be signed in to start adding titles to your library on the site.


Famous for the sagas of games such as Warcraft, Diablo and StarCraft,, offers excellent discounts on several of its paid installments. Although it is not a site to obtain completely free games, you can buy some at a gift price at certain times.


If you like to try free, new and somewhat different games, is the ideal place for you. From indie games and slightly unknown releases, it is usually the titles available in the catalog of this store.

You can find some that will pleasantly surprise you, and, best of all, for free.


Epic Games Store

Epic Games is another site where you can get free pc games. Each week this page posts a completely free game for a limited time. Maybe it sounds familiar to you. And it is that this developer is the creator of the popular game Fortnite.

Like Steam, it has an extensive video game catalog of different themes, excellent for spending long hours of fun. Likewise, it is possible to get new releases for free at specific times.

Enter the Epic Games Store

Microsoft Store

Although it is not very well known, in the Microsoft Store you can find games for young and old. Both free and paid games, the Microsoft store has a very complete repertoire of options.

Many of the titles available for free are for PC and mobile.

Enter the Microsoft Store

Ubisoft Store

In the Ubisoft Store you can find discounts on several of the games registered by the company. In addition to this, sometimes the French woman places one of her most recognized or current titles for free.

Enter the Ubisoft Store


Origin by Electronic Arts is another great place to get free PC games. The site recently added its new free-to-play games section, and offered generous discounts on some of its star releases.

In the same way as the previous sites, it is possible to buy games for free that you should normally spend some money for.

Enter the Origin Store

Twitch Prime

Last but not least, you can take a look at Twitch Prime. Yes well, Twitch has risen in recent years as the preferred platform for streamers, currently offering its subscribers games for free just by being affiliated with its Twitch Prime service.

Enter Twitch Prime

Some of the games available for free tend to vary, all will depend on your activity on the platform.

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