Funny New Year greetings for WhatsApp and Telegram

If you have already received the corresponding Christmas greetings but you still have body for more, here you have a good handful of Christmas, memes, messages and original greetings. Watch out! It is highly sugary content at worst. Administer with caution and in small doses.

Funny New Year's greetings to send by WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook or carrier pigeon

As you know, Christmas and New Year's greetings are not usually the most innovative in the world, but if you are looking for something original and worthwhile, some of these may at least make you laugh a little.

Christmas greeting for bullfighters.

There is no one who understands these humans:

For the more pragmatic.

Original sweater for New Year's Eve dinner:

Happy New Year, Batman!

2020, the year of consumerism:

New Year's meal at Iker's house.

Julito putting everyone in their place before the end of the year:

New Year's resolutions.

Make a wish to Santa Claus:

You know yes.

Dining with friends ...

Christmas is coming: those New Year's Eve dinners, New Years meals and other fanfare:

The Civil Guard also wishes you a happy and prosperous 2019:

My wish for this end of the year ...

All New Years the same:

For the most modern:

For lovers of Renaissance art:

This does not go with me:

For those who say it all with emoticons:

Every year with the same dilemma:

If you could see it coming ...

Every New Years Eve the same little joke:

He who warns is not a traitor:

Nothing has occurred here:

Original phrases to congratulate the new year

Finally, for those who prefer written letters, even if they are digital, here are a few New Year's greetings that you can copy and paste as simple plain text to send to your friends, enemies and family:

Hello everyone. This is a personalized and exclusive message just for you that I send to you / you / you / you. Happy 2019!

With a prawn and a mussel I give you a kiss. With a barnacle and my friendship Merry Christmas. And with my love, which is worth an egg, Happy New Year

Happy many !!! I hope there are many king prawns and I wish you a very prosperous gift for 2019. I am very sorry about this congratulation, it is from IKEA, you have to assemble it yourself hehe. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

I have a problem ... The police are looking for a very sexy, beautiful person with a perfect body. I know that you are safe, but me Where can I hide? Happy 2019!

I'm so excited for 2019 that I can't wait for it to come to waste it badly. Happy New Year!

Don't let the shadows of yesterday spoil the sun of tomorrow. Live every moment. Happy New Year!

I hope that this new year you fight less for the control of the TV with your partner. Happy 2019!

I hope that this new year you learn to use the mobile phone as God commands. Happy 2019!

This year I had thought to congratulate only the people that I like and are important in my life, but in the end I have decided that I am going to send messages to the usual ones. Happy New Year!

I have seen the HAPPINESS and he told me he was going to your house. I have asked him to also take HEALTH and LOVE. Treat them well, they are on my side. Happy New Year.

Place your right hand on your left shoulder and your left hand on your right shoulder. You just received a hug from a distance. Happy New Year!

Felisa I'm dying!

What do you say?


Don't be silly

and put on your teeth.


I have read your horoscope for 2019. Cheers: the stars are smiling at you. Money: the stars smile at you. Sex: the stars fall apart.

Hopefully the fleas of a thousand Egyptian camels infect the ass of whoever tries to fuck you in 2019 and that their arms are so short that they cannot scratch themselves. Happy New Year.

Do you like to be fondled, to be touched, to make you sweat? Well, in 2019, use the bus! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

When God made the distribution of abilities, he gave me a choice between loving my friends and having a good memory, so Happy Easter and Happy 1824.

For 2019 I wish you the four "S's": health, sex, "sentollos" and "follow them." Happy New Year!

!! Congratulations!! Nestle informs you that you have won the weight of your penis in chocolate ... shortly you will receive your lacasito HAPPY 2019

Have a happy New Year's Eve and a better New Year!

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