The best podcasts on IVOOX for mystery lovers

Today we have to talk about mystery. From the unknown. If you are one of those who enjoy a good documentary about UFOs, OOPARTs or time travel, surely at some point you have tuned in to your radio on a Saturday night to hear the voice of Iker Jiménez and company. And if you are a little more exquisite, you have probably read the Troy Horse by J.J. Benítez and even be a fan of Juan Antonio Cebrián.

One of the great sources of radio material oriented to the theme of mystery can be found today in mobile podcast apps, such as the platform IVOOX. Within its wide thematic range, we can dive through what is probably the largest library of this type of content.

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The best mystery podcasts on IVOOX to listen to on your Android

These are some of the best mystery podcasts that we can find in IVOOX. Ideal to listen to while traveling on the subway, doing laundry or while going up the mountain to photograph bigfoots.

Ground Zero Monographs

The ground zero monographs of the radio program The rose of the winds by Juan Antonio Cebrián it is just one of the fantastic sections of this mythical program. JesusAlley and Carlos Canales They lecture on classic ufology topics, paranormal events, and all kinds of mysteries in general. Obligatory listening for anyone who wants to be informed in a very serious way about this type of matter.

Ground Zero Monographs at IVOOX

Limit dimension

Program presented and directed by David Cuevas. Each program addresses a single topic, for an hour and a half more or less, covering paranormal topics, ufology, conspiracies, archeology, history, science, pseudo-skepticism and artificial intelligence among others, always from a quite rational and realistic point of view.

Limit Dimension in IVOOX

Unknown world

"Unknown world" is already another matter. If you are one of those who think that Queen Elizabeth II is a reptilian, that a stuntman has impersonated Stephen Hawking or that we are being secretly controlled by an alien species: hey, this is your show!

Unknown World in IVOOX

The Compass Scabula

La Escóbula de la Brújula is the spiritual heir of La Rosa de los Vientos de Cebrián. It is broadcast on a local station in Madrid, but the authors also upload the program to IVOOX every week. The program moves away from the mystery a bit to get closer to history, art or literature. Directed by Jesús Callejo, seal of quality.

The Compass Scobula in IVOOX

Blank space

The oldest mystery radio show on Spanish radio, presented by Miguel Blanco also has its space on the IVOOX platform. It has a new age touch that may throw some back a bit, but it has a huge handful of more than interesting programs.

White Space in IVOOX

Vicente Fuentes (Ufopolis)

Vicente Fuentes is a crack. Quite a character, in the best sense of the word, and who really makes himself loved. The podcasts that we listen to on your IVOOX channel are audios of the videos you upload to your YouTube channel. He always has a new story under his arm and usually deals with topics not usually heard in other programs.

Vicente Fuentes channel in IVOOX

Millennium 3 / Iker Universe

We could not finish this list without talking about the most popular “communicator of mystery” on the Spanish scene, Iker Jimenez. Before in Millennium 3, and now in his program "more than walking around the house", Iker Universe, Mr. Jiménez gives us hours and hours of entertainment, with that unmistakable stamp of the house.

Millennium 3 at IVOOX

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