10 Netflix documentaries that you can now watch for free on YouTube

In recent weeks we have seen how many streaming platforms have begun to offer part of their premium catalog openly and for free, as is the case with Apple TV or HBO in Mexico and the US. Netflix for its part has made a similar move, publishing 10 of your most popular documentaries straight to YouTube, so that everyone can access its viewing without any restriction.

The difference with respect to Apple TV and HBO, however, is that it is content with a high educational value. For years Netflix has been allowing the viewing of this type of material in classrooms and schools, but due to the COVID-19 crisis and the closure of schools it has decided to post these documentaries on YouTube, accompanying each viewing with additional educational material so that can be used by teachers and students.

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These are the 10 documentaries that Netflix has uploaded to YouTube

It should be clarified that all these documentaries and documentary series - in total more than thirty videos - are in English but with subtitles in Spanish and other languages. In any case, we are dealing with first-rate content, really popular and that can be enjoyed by anyone, even if we have long since left our student days.


Documentary film focused on the thirteenth amendment to the United States constitution, related to slavery and criminality. can you see her HERE and download the complementary educational material at THIS LINK.


First season of this documentary series focused on the art, science and philosophy of design. The series delves into the visionary minds of some of the world's greatest designers. can you see her HERE and download the complementary educational material at THIS LINK.


Selected chapters from this documentary series recorded over 3 years and focused on the first year of a human being's life, through the eyes of some of today's most pioneering scientists. can you see her HERE and download the complementary educational material at THIS LINK.

Chasing Coral

Documentary film that transports us to some of the most remote and beautiful places on the planet, the deep sea. You can watch the documentary HERE and access complementary educational material at THIS LINK.


One of the best documentary series on Netflix today. It is made up of short chapters, dedicated to explaining a specific topic in each episode in such a way that everyone can understand it. You can see it HERE (supplementary educational material not yet available).

Knock down the house

Documentary about American politics where we follow the campaign of 4 women who were running for the 2018 legislative elections. One of these policies is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a well-known congresswoman from New York. You can watch the documentary HERE and download the complementary material at THIS LINK.

Our Planet

Series narrated by Sir David Attenborough that explores the natural wonders of the world, divided into 8 parts or chapters. A project that took 4 years to record and that has an impressive photography. You can see the document HERE and download the educational material in this other LINK.

Period. End of Sentence.

Short documentary focused on the stigma that menstruation still entails in certain societies such as India, and the struggle of some women to get rid of these precepts. You can see it HERE and download the related material in this LINK.

The White Helmets

A short film focused on volunteer work carried out in Syria and Turkey, recorded in a war zone during 2016. You can watch the documentary HERE and access the educational material in this LINK.


Self-improvement short which portrays the life of Zion Clark, a professional wrestler who was born without legs and raised in a foster home. The physical challenge served as a therapeutic release. You can see the short HERE and download related educational material in this LINK.

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