The best Christmas stickers for WhatsApp and Telegram

The stickers, first on Telegram and later on WhatsApp, have marked a before and after. If until not so long ago we were limited to the expressiveness of a simple emoji, now with stickers we can say almost anything with an image, in a much more personal way and with more nuances.

Given the dates in which we are, in today's post we are going to review some of the best Christmas stickers available for both WhatsApp and Telegram. Note: if we are looking for stickers of other themes, don't lose sight of this other mega-compilation of stickers for WhatsApp. There are thousands of them.

The best Christmas stickers for WhatsApp

The amount of stickers related to Christmas that we can currently find in the Play Store is simply overwhelming. After touring the Play Store from beginning to end, we have seen that some of them are of quite poor quality, but there are also others that are worth it, and those are precisely the ones we list below.

New Christmas Stickers for WAStickerApps

This compilation of Christmas stickers includes some good quality contributions, such as the packages "Santa Claus Pack”, “Cartoon Pack”, “Happy Christmas Pack", and "Christmas emojis Pack”. The truth is that the most striking stickers are those in which Santa Claus appears making funny poses, but there is much more content, such as stickers in the shape of a gift, New Year's greetings (in English) and the like.

Download QR-Code New Christmas Stickers for WAStickerApps Developer: Stickers Apps Price: Free

Christmas stickers

Excellent collection of hundreds of stickers for WhatsApp with 10 different packages to choose from where we find magi stickers, Christmas trees, elves, Christmas greetings in Spanish and English, Rudolph the reindeer and various Santa Claus stickers. One of the best things we can find for WhatsApp this Christmas.

Download Christmas QR-Code Stickers Developer: AppsForSmile Price: Free

Christmas stickers for Whatsapp

One of the best rated Christmas sticker applications on Google Play. Includes stickers emojis with Santa's hat, Santa Claus himself, Christmas trees, reindeer, snowmen and other typical New Year's Eve iconography. There are hardly any ads and the drawings are of a generic but pretty good finish.

Download QR-Code WAStickerApps Christmas Stickers for Whatsapp Developer: Mundoapp Price: Free

The best Christmas stickers for Telegram

If we are Telegram users, we are undoubtedly in luck, since the stickers of this messaging application are much more elaborate, and in general terms, they are light years away from the stickers that we find in WhatsApp.

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Darth vader

This set of 25 Darth Vader stickers includes some christmas themed stickers that have no waste. Fully usable by Star Wars fans, both at parties and during the rest of the year.

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Very bad santa

Stickers of a Santa Claus who seems to have been released from jail very recently. The illustrations are hilarious. Includes 35 stickers.

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The Grinch stickers could not be missing. If we like to be tough saying we hate Christmas as a joke, this may be a good set for that purpose (note: if you really hate Christmas then it is clear that you are not going to go down stickers of this green man or any other, of course).

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Lady Krampus

Collection of 30 stickers with Lady Krampus as the protagonist, dressed in Christmas attire and congratulating Christmas, whipping an elf or holding a couple of bells. All this with some illustrations type cartoon really achieved.

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Christmas story

Set of stickers for those who live as a couple. The drawings are anime-like, of great quality and some are certainly funny. Includes 39 stickers.

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Christmas gingy

Christmas prints with a gingerbread cookie as the main character. As in the rest of the packages, the design of the images is simply outstanding.

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Finally, if we are looking for Christmas stickers for Telegram a little more traditional, do not forget to go through the official Telegram sticker search engine where you will find much more content.

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