Draw Your Game: Grab paper, markers and draw your own game

One of the things that I like the most about the time we are living in, this incredible boom in mobile apps, is that in a certain way has democratized the world of video games. Not so long ago, if you wanted to try a new game on your PC or console (most of the time) you had to pay. Now anyone can make a game, hang it on Google Play or iTunes and you just have to download it to play. Okay, you still have to swallow some ads or make a couple of micro-payments if you're really hooked. But you understand me. Free games. Firewood.

And not only that. This democratization also applies to supply and demand. Next to a mobile game in which you have invested a budget millionaire we can find indie games, developed by a single person in the privacy of his room. And they both get millions of downloads. All you need to do is have an idea. A great idea.

And we gamers, or occasional players, we just have to open our mouths and get fed. We are the recipients of that explosion of creativity and ingenuity. How lucky we are!

Draw your Game

One of the games that has surprised me the most with its innovative mechanics is Draw your Game. The idea could not be simpler: Grab a piece of paper and some markers and draw your own game.

Draw your Game is a platform game for Android, in which we have to control a little character and meet an objective to complete the level. The task in each level can be different, from reaching the other side of the screen to destroying a few objects.

The app consists of 2 game modes:

Design your own levels

This is the most fun and innovative part of the game. Put on your artisan costume and put your brain to work. You can draw whatever you want and that will be the level that the android will have to go through. The only limit is your imagination and respect the color pattern: black for the terrain, green for objects that make you bounce, blue for moving objects and Red for objects that hurt.

Do you want a level where the face of your ugly cousin comes out? Draw it. A screen that looks like your neighborhood? You just have to put it on paper.

I have done a small level, quite shabby the truth. Now you will see how it looks ...

Once you have the level designed, you just have to take a photo with your Smartphone or Tablet and place the android in its starting position. 

Here's a screenshot of the playable level                                                            

Play levels designed by other players

In order to unlock the game design mode You must first pass a few levels, designed by other users of the game. Once you have completed the first world, the level design will be unlocked.

Here you will find as many worlds and levels as designs are uploading by Draw your Game users. Some of these displays are really fun.

Draw your Game: Mario Maker's little brother

This game reminds me a lot of Mario Maker of the Wii U, we could say that both share the same essence: putting in the hands of the player the necessary tools to unleash their imagination and create their own game. An innovative path in the trite world of video games, in which power often prevails more than the creation of new game mechanics and dynamics.

Draw your game is an Android game developed by Zerokcm, requires Android 4.1 and weighs 39 MB. It has more than 1,000,000 downloads and 4 stars on Google Play. You can install the app on your device through the following link:

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