Password of the Day, the website that gives away premium accounts

Do you remember when you were a child and you used to play “in search of treasure” with your friends? Password of the day is a website that takes this same concept and takes it to the adult world, turning it into a great search against time across the Internet, in which anyone can be victorious.

The award? A premium account of a payment service that can range from a few euros to much higher figures, depending on the app or platform to which said account corresponds. It could even be a bank account with a deposit of 1,000 euros. The trick is that in Password of the day they do not tell us which service this account belongs to: they only make the username and password public and the first to find out stays with her. Therein lies the fun of the game. It is like having a key but not knowing which door opens.

This is how this unusual platform that gives away premium “surprise” accounts works

If we enter the Password of the Day page we will see that there is not much content, only a list with all the premium accounts that have recently been given away and a text box. To compete in this particular treasure hunt, all we have to do is enter our phone number in the text box and press the "SUBMIT”.

From there, every day at mid-morning (US time) we will receive an SMS with a username and password corresponding to a premium service. If we are the first to discover its use, we will be able to log in and change the password quickly (if not, the one who comes after you will surely do so). In recent days, Steam accounts with games included, subscriptions to HBO, Amazon Prime or Netflix, among others, have been given away.

Who is behind this project? Is it legal?

Password of the Day is a company project MSCHF, Internet provocateurs known for wasting money on crazy products, like an astrology-based trading app or sneakers filled with holy water. They have also made their first steps on sites like YouTube with a channel that shows videos of a man eating everything from a pot of mayonnaise to pancakes with the face of Jim Carrey or Brie Larson. Or Netflix Hangouts, a browser add-on that allows us to watch Netflix at work and make it look like we are having a conference with a client or provider.

Some of the MSCHF projects.

As confirmed by Forbes itself, the accounts are not stolen or have anything strange behind them. They are paid for out of pocket by the MSCHF itself and are perfectly legitimate, which on the other hand means that they will be making a significant expense if they decide to continue with this project for a good season. How long will Password of the Day last? Only time will tell…

Doubts and clarifications

From what we have been able to verify the website only supports US phone numbers. We have tried with a Spanish mobile number and it does not work. However, we can bypass this small restriction by using a virtual SMS mailbox.

To do this, we just have to enter a page such as // and select a number of American origin. We sign up for Password of the Day with that number (only the last 10 digits, no prefix), and that's it. We will only have to consult the mailbox every 24 hours and write down the passwords that will arrive each day.

Every day we will receive an SMS like this.

After following these steps, a few moments ago we received our first passwords for a surprise account, so we can confirm that the game is completely real. They have already released the hen. Who will be the first to get it right?

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