H96 MAX - H1 in review, a powerful TV Box with 4GB of RAM for € 50

The Android TV Boxes that come to us from China always have the advantage of offering incredible value for money. The downside is that, for the same reason, there are more boxes with moderate specifications. It is not the case of the H96 MAX - H1, an Android TV Box that mounts 4GB of RAM, along with a really attractive pack of functionalities. The best, without a doubt, its price: 50 euros peeled - slightly less than $ 60 -.

H96 MAX - H1 in review, a colorful TV Box, with muscle and at a good price

In today's review we gut the H96 MAX - H1, A premium cut TV Box, ideal for those who want to get the most out of having Android integrated into a TV for use.

Design and presentation

The first thing that strikes you about the H96 MAX - H1 case is its colorful design. Although it is still modern, it does give it a certain eighties air, which, to me, particularly, seems like a success.

The device has 3 USB ports on its right side, one of them USB 3.0 with higher data transfer speed. Next to it, we find an SD card reader, and already in another of the sides the rest of ports. An extra USB port -4 in total-, HDMI output, Connection Ethernet, AV and power port.

The H96 MAX has dimensions of 9.80 x 9.80 x 2.40cm and a weight of 280gr.

Power and performance

At the hardware level, this TV Box assembles a really interesting team. On the one hand, we have an SoC Rockchip RK3328 made up of 4 processors Cortex A53 64-bit running at 1.5GHz. Next to it we find a Mali-450 GPU, 4GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage space running low Android 7.1.

Among its characteristics is the H.265 hardware decoding and the HDR, thanks to which we can reproduce content in 4K, with a low bitrate and in high definition. It also has Bluetooth 4.0 and Dual band WiFi, allowing wireless connection to both 2.4G and 5G networks.

Finally, clarify that the H96 MAX - H1 it also supports streaming protocols like Microcast, Airplay and Google TV.

What can I do with a H96 MAX - H1?

For practical purposes we find ourselves with a team that borders on a high level of performance. On the one hand, we can play content from USB in high definition, movies, series, music and any other type of multimedia files.

But where a TV Box of this type really shines, thanks to its muscular amount of RAM and more than decent CPU, is when using apps to watch streaming content. If we are looking for a device with which to do Netflix, HBO or Amazon prime On the living room TV, this may be one of the most striking inexpensive options.

All this without taking into account the wide range that opens up for games, especially in the world of classic console emulators from the 80s and 90s. Normally the emulators of the NES, Super Nintendo or Mega Drive work remarkably in a TV Box with 2GB of RAM, so the 4GB of the H96 MAX make it an ideal candidate for these types of games.

For those interested in knowing a little more, in the following article by the 10 best apps for a TV Box we can see a small glimpse of all the potential that we can squeeze out of a device of this caliber.

Price and availability

The H96 MAX - H1 TV Box is currently priced at $ 59.99, about 51.52 euros to the change in GearBest. A frankly attractive price for a device with a value for money that stands out above many other TV Boxes on the market.

If we want a Chinese Android TV Box as powerful as possible and at a reasonable price, we almost always move in figures of 50-60 euros. Among the devices that move at this price we usually find 3GB RAM memories, and in very few cases, devices like this appear, with their corresponding 4GB of memory. Key factor to choose one or the other device.

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