Yuka, app to scan food and cosmetics barcodes

When we start to take care of our health, the most common thing is that we start by eating healthy. We all have more or less clear that things like vegetables and natural products are the healthiest, as well as that sweets, processed foods and others are not precisely the most recommended.

However, unless we are nutritionists or experts in the field, it is quite difficult to determine the impact that a particular food can have on our health. Reading the ingredients can be a first step, but that is not always enough and can sometimes be misleading.

Yuka, an app that will help us to know a little more about the food we have at home

A good tool that will help us in this regard is Yuka, an app with which we can scan the barcode of any food and know its health effects. For this, the application uses a color code (green = good, orange = mediocre, red = bad) and a score made from 3 objective data: the nutritional quality, the presence of additives and the ecological character of the product.

The good thing is that also works with cosmetics and other beauty and hygiene items, with which we can also use it to learn a little more about the shampoos, deodorants and bath gels that we use. A fact of vital importance, since normally people (me the first one) do not usually pay as much attention to its components as they do in the case of food. And believe me that we can get the odd surprise when we decide to scan the various containers that we have in the toilet at home. Live to see!

This is how food and cosmetics barcode scanning works

Yuka is meant to be as accessible as possible. Therefore, once we have installed the application, we only have to click on the green barcode icon located in the lower left margin of the screen to start working.

From here, the camera of our Android will be activated so that we can scan the barcode of the product.

It must be said that the system returns the results at high speed, showing almost automatically the additives, saturated fats, calories, salt and sugar that the food contains, along with the rest of the nutritional values. With all this data, the app carries out an evaluation of the product, giving it a score between 0 and 100. Note: to see the details of each product, just swipe up the information card.

In the case of cosmetics, the tool also analyzes other values, such as Cyclomethicone, BHT, Aluminum Hydrochloride and other components. An interesting detail that is worth mentioning is that when the app shows a product classified as "bad", at the end of the analysis also shows a list of healthy alternatives.

Yuka is a free application for Android that does not contain ads, cataloged within the top 10 of free applications of 2018. In its database it already has more than 600,000 foods and 200,000 cosmetic products, which means that it is capable of analyzing most of general consumer products.

Download QR-Code Yuka - Product Analysis Developer: Yuka App Price: Free

It has a more than positive rating of 4.5 stars and more than 5 million downloads in the Google Play Store. In short, a tool that is highly recommended for those who want to take care of themselves and know a little more about the food that is put in their mouth.

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