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I have always wanted to learn Japanese. For any boy who has been a fan of anime and manga since childhood, knowing the Japanese language is like obtaining the master key that opens all the doors of otaku entertainment. I remember that when I was 13 or 15 years old I applied for a Japanese course by mail, but it must have gotten lost on the way because it never got home ... how deluded I was at that time!

Now with the amount of free tools and platforms that exist in the online world, things are much easier (or at least more accessible). There are apps with which we can practice and learn Japanese at our own pace, and we just need an Android phone and some desire to learn.

3 great apps to learn Japanese on Android

The last week I have been reviewing the app repository of Google play looking for applications to learn Japanese, and these are 3 of the most interesting apps that I have come across.


Memrise is a free application for Android, and among its range of languages ​​it offers the possibility of learning Japanese. The good thing about Memrise is that it has 2 courses: one of Japanese with Latin alphabet -Simple and recommended for beginners- and another of traditional japanese (hiragana, kanjis).

It has a very nice interface and a really clean and enviable design. The classes are light and fairly easy to follow. It would certainly be my first recommendation for anyone who wants to learn Japanese from scratch.

Download QR-Code Learn languages ​​for free with Memrise: English and more Developer: Memrise Price: Free

Japanese Word Dungeon

I love Japanese Word Dungeon. It is an app to learn hiragana (one of the Japanese syllabaries) camouflaged as if it were an RPG game. Instead of having to learn the classes, we will put ourselves in the shoes of a knight and we will unlock dungeons as we fight against different enemies.

The fights of course are the crumb of the cake, in the form of small questionnaires where we will read and discover new Japanese characters or kanas.

Download QR-Code Japanese Dungeon: Learn J-Word Developer: Terry Young Studio Price: Free

Kanji Study

Kanji Study is an app to learn, as its name suggests, the kanji japanese. It is an application much more focused on pure and simple study and consists of 3 types of classes: study with flashcards, multiple choice tests and calligraphy test.

With this Android app we will learn the strokes and the meaning of each kanji, relative information and a good number of examples to work with. Recommended app for more students hardcore.

Download QR-Code Japanese Kanji Study - 漢字 学習 Developer: Chase Colburn Price: Free

Finally, if you are interested in the subject, do not hesitate to also take a look at the post with the best translators for Android, Japanese included.

What do you think of these apps to learn Japanese from your mobile? Do not hesitate to stop by the comments area to share your opinion!

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