Original and funny Halloween greetings Trick or treat ?!

A few days to go Halloween. Halloween or Night of the Dead is one of the most special days of the year, and in addition to serving to disguise ourselves as a dark character, it is a great time to play the odd joke on friends.

But in addition to joking, we may want to send some congratulations or funny messages on the occasion of this very important date. Don't worry, we have prepared a terrifying assortment with top quality material!

Original Halloween greetings to send by WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook or email

It is not easy to find a good image to share on Halloween. Most are quite tacky or childish, and if not, they are too rugged. There is no middle ground! If you are one of those who think like me, you may be interested in taking a look at the following selection.

We start with a classic of these dates. With extra sparkle and glitter!

For fans of your friend and neighbor, Spider-Man.

For those who are more of Warcraft.

The dancing pumpkin.

I swear on Snoopy!

Is there a better way to congratulate Halloween than with a photo of the Smashing Pumpkins?


It's always better to say it with bloodshot eyes.

One more day at the office.

When you are still not sure what is really happening ...

A selfie to remember this special day.

Let the show begin!

For the more traditional. A congratulation without rubbish or strange things.

Halloween night dancing all night long.

For fans of the paw patrol.

Original phrases to congratulate Halloween

If you are more about writing and less about sending images or photos, don't hesitate to take a look at this collection of funny Halloween phrases and greetings:

Happy Halloween! Remember: Don't waste too much time on the maskā€¦ just one hairstyle and you're good to go.

On Halloween, forget about the ghosts ... take care of me.

When there is no more room in hell, the dead will walk on earth. LOL! Happy Halloween!

Come this October 31 to celebrate with us, do not forget to come disguised. Atte; "The spirits from beyond ..."

Tonight I would like you to be a devil ... to enter my hell

You are my favorite horror character. Happy Halloween!

Fear of death? One must fear life, not death. - Marlene dietrich

You have me in love to the bone. Happy Halloween!

Death is a punishment for some, for others a gift, and for many a favor.

We end this post with a couple of videos with horror jokes, perfect to share with friends on dates like these.


Another compilation of horror jokes.


And one more.


Happy Halloween!

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