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KODI It is one of those essential applications for those of us who have an Android TV Box. It is also probably one of the best local multimedia players, and allows you to stream Spanish DTT, watch movies and series for free and even play retro video games, all from the same centralized application.

But KODI is a multimedia center that is not only available on Android: we can also install it on Windows, Raspberry Pi and many other devices. Some of these systems do not include a remote control, which can be quite an inconvenience if what we want is to listen to music or watch videos comfortably from the sofa or lying on the bed.

How to use a mobile as a remote control for KODI

KODI has a remote control app compatible with Android and iOS, which means that we can install it on the mobile and then synchronize it with the KODI that we have installed on the TV Box, on the computer or wherever. In this way, we can control KODI remotely without having to approach each time we want to change songs, go to the next video or perform any other task.

Step 1 # Get the sync data

The first thing we have to do is open the KODI of our Android TV Box, Raspberry or Windows and make a couple of adjustments.

  • We are going to "System -> System info -> Network" and we write down the IP address and the MAC address on a paper or notepad. We will need this information later.

  • We scroll to "System -> Services -> Control"And activate the options"Allow remote control via HHTP”(Enable remote control via HHTP) and“Allow remote control from applications on other systems”(Enable remote control from applications on other systems). On this same screen, we will also write down the port, username and password. By default, the username is usually "kodi" and the password is usually left blank.

Step 2 #: Install the official KODI remote for mobile

In addition to the KODI app, the creators of the app (XBMC Foundation) have also developed an official remote control app. It's called KORE and we can install it directly from the Google Play Store for Android.

Download QR-Code Kore, Official Remote for Kodi Developer: XBMC Foundation Price: Free

If we are iPhone users, there is a very similar application called “Official KODI remote” that fulfills this same function.

Download QR-Code Official Kodi Remote Developer: joethefox Price: Free

Step 3 # Synchronize the remote control with the KODI app

To finish, we only have to configure the remote control app that we have just installed on the mobile. In the case of Android, the steps to follow are as follows.

  • We start the KORE app and follow the configuration steps. At first the app will try to detect our multimedia center automatically. Note: remember to have the device turned on and with KODI open in the foreground.
  • If KORE does not detect any equipment with KODI, we will click on “Next"Until you get to the"Manual settings”.
  • Here we will enter the data that we have collected in step 1 of this tutorial: the IP address, the MAC, the port, the username and the password. In addition, we will also assign a name to the media center.
  • The rest of the fields (TCP port, ES Port and WoL port) will be left blank.

  • Finally, we will click on the "Test" button.

If everything has gone correctly, a message will appear on the screen indicating that we can start using the application.

iPhone (iOS)

Apple users can configure the remote control app in a very similar way.

  • We open the “Official KODI remote” app.
  • Click on the "Add Host" button.
  • We enter the data that we have previously collected in KODI: the username, password, IP address, MAC and port. We save the configuration by clicking the "Save”.

With this we would already have configured the iPhone or iPad to be able to use it as a remote control for our KODI.

Other Alternatives: Use CetusPlay as a remote control

If we have problems configuring the app and we want to try other solutions, we can also try the CetusPlay tool. It is available for both Android and iOS and offers remote control functions (controller, mouse or keyboard), all for free.

In addition, it also offers other quite powerful functions, such as the possibility of transferring files, taking screenshots or playing photos and videos that we have stored from the mobile.

Download QR-Code CetusPlay - TV Remote Server Receiver Developer: CetusPlay Global Price: Free Download QR-Code CetusPlay Developer: GUANG YU ZHANG Price: Free

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