90 free online courses to learn English, French and German

Hi friends! How are you doing in confinement? If you have already polished up all the video games you had at home and are beginning to see the folds of space-time when you enter Netflix, it may be time to start use time differently. How about learning a new language like English, French or German?

The internet is riddled with online courses to learn languages, and although there is nothing like attending an academy or receiving private lessons, this can be a great time to start receiving the first basic notions for that special trip that we have planned for when all this is over.

90 free online courses in Spanish to learn English, French and basic German

To prepare this list we have carried out a content curation process taking as sources educational platforms such as Udemy, Tutellus, Coursera, EDX or AulaFacil, as well as specialized web pages (Duolingo, Babbel, Busuu) and several free courses taught by native teachers through from YouTube.

English courses

How to Learn English on Your Own Using the Internet
Complete English course: basic level
Basic English: conversational and networking
Learn basic English phrases: Learn basic English phrases
Basic English Classes
Learn basic english
English course from scratch with Pacho8a
Your English Speaking and Listening daily Routine by AnnaV.
Learn to speak English and improve your phonetics
English: #Making an appointment. Learn to learn by AnnaV
Business English: Sales, Management and Leadership
Learn English to work abroad
English Abroad: LET'S GO ON A TRIP AND Buy A Ticket!
English online TVE (Medium Level)
Pre-ICFES Express Saber 11 English
ABA English online English course
Complete Vaughan Course to Learn English Free
American English (Full Course)
Learn basic phrases in English
English Web - American English Course - Complete
English course FROM ZERO
Learn basic English to travel in a fun way
Upper-Intermediate English: Modern Life
Full English Course (Language Academy)
Upper-Intermediate English: Technology Today
Free English Course (Mely Zarate)
Upper-Intermediate English: Globalization
Specialized Business English program for non-native speakers
Specialized Business English program
Business English: Management and Leadership
Business English: marketing and sales
Business English: Finance and Economics
Business English: Final Project
English course for beginners - A1
English course for children
English without barriers
English Course - Lower Intermediate Level (CEF A2)

French courses

Learn basic French
French course at Babbel
French A1
Basic French course
French course on Duolingo
Initial French-Exercises
Elementary French. Training
Learn French with Busuu
Basic French course A1
Frances II
Basic French with Videos
French InSimplesWords
Complete French Course Free!
Intermediate French with Videos II
Intermediate French with Videos III
Intermediate French with Videos IV
Complete easy French course at your own pace (Beginner - A1)
Course to learn FRENCH from scratch A1
French course by David Romero
French Readings
French Readings II
Infant French
French classes for beginners

German courses

Course to learn German online for free
Learn German Online
Learn German with Busuu
German course on Duolingo
Course «cover-gap» of declensions in German
German course for Spanish speakers UNED
German Kids Video
Basic German
Learn GERMAN for free
German for beginners
German Course - Season 1
German Level A1
German Level A2
German course (Grecia Petiton Gonzalez)
German for Spanish Speakers (UNED MOOC / COMA Courses)
German with videos
Grammar exercises in communicative function
Learn German in 5 minutes
Where to begin? Basic German course
German Readings II
German 3
German exercises
German already! - Learn German fast and fun

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You can find other courses and more free online content in the section FREE THINGS.

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