The 10 best applications to earn money from your mobile

We are going to put the finishing touch to the week with a most “productive” post. We all know about paid apps, but what would you think if I told you that we are in a “bizarre world”, and that, instead of paying for an application, it is the app itself that pays us? Then they say that just anyone can not be an entrepreneur!

10 apps that allow us to earn a little money simply by using them

Jokes aside, today there are a good number of applications, which have become quite popular, and whose hook is power receive a small remuneration from the user in exchange for using them. This remuneration can be in the form of money, or in the form of "credit" or exchangeable voucher.

Google Opinion Rewards

Probably the best-known app in terms of remuneration for use. With Google Opinion Rewards we can answer small surveys (usually a couple of questions related to the places we have recently visited) and in return we get credit that we can use on the Google Play Store for whatever we want (paid apps, music, movies).

Download QR-Code Google Opinion Rewards Developer: Google LLC Price: Free


Unlike Google Opinion Rewards, with CashPirate we can get money constant and sound. In return, we will have to test apps, games, take surveys or watch promotional videos. Payment is made via PayPal from $ 2.5 (2500 points), and the average payment for testing an app is between 50 and 100 points. Very well rated by users on Google Play.

Download QR-Code CashPirate - Make / Earn Money Developer: ayeT-Studios Price: Free

Quack! Messenger

The WhatsApp that pays you to use it. Only the logo is already sufficiently self-explanatory. An instant messaging app of Catalan origin in which we accumulate money via PayPal by swallowing ads while we chat with our friends. The only problem is finding contacts in our directory who are willing to communicate with us through Quack! Messenger.

Download QR-Code quack! messenger Developer: Betrovica SL Price: Free

Free my Apps

The fourth in contention is Free my Apps. With this application, instead of credit on Google Play or money, what we get are gift cards. Vouchers that we can redeem on Spotify, Steam, Amazon, Domino’s or Gamestop, among others. Even donate them to charities (Red Cross, UNICEF etc.). The requirement: download and test apps on your mobile.

Register QR-Code FreeMyApps - Gift Cards & Gems Developer: FreeMyApps Price: To be announced

Gift wallet

One of the apps of the genre best valued by users. It is not much different from the rest, but it is easy to use and allows you to redeem points for both money in PayPal and credit in Google Play, iTunes or Amazon. It has an affiliate system that allows us to obtain more points if we get more people to join the Gift Wallet party.

Download QR-Code Gift Wallet - Free Reward Card Developer: WellGain Tech Price: Free

App Trailers

As its name suggests, here we will have to watch videos of apps and movies, which we can then exchange for money in PayPal or gift vouchers in Amazon. Each video earns us 5 points, and to get $ 0.5 we have to watch 100 videos. If we have nothing better to do in life ...

Register QR-Code AppTrailers Developer: AppRedeem Inc Price: To be announced


Another app that allows us to exchange points for money. In this case the points are called Nanas, and to obtain them we will have to watch videos, download apps and more. Application that until recently was only available on iOS and now makes the leap to Android as well. More than 10 million users and a 4.5 star rating on Google Play.

Of course, like most apps of the type, we will have to watch a lot of videos and test a ton of apps to get some credit with foundation.

Download QR-Code AppNana - Tarj. free Developer: AppNana Rewards Price: Free


With Tapporo we can also get some cash in PayPal, Google Play credit, Amazon gift cards and more, watching videos and downloading apps. As always, the payment rate is quite low, but it also allows us to get credit by sharing invitations with friends, for example. We will not get rich, but by the time you have nothing better to do ... less give a stone.

Download QR-Code Tapporo (Make Money) Developer: Damka Labs Price: Free

Cash for Apps

Credit in stores like Google Play, iTunes, Amazon, GameStop, StarBucks, eBay etc. in exchange for downloading and testing new apps on our mobile. 300 points are equal to $ 1, and from the outset we get 20 points + 90 points for our first download. From here, we have to work it out if we want to get some credit in conditions.

Download QR-Code Cash for Apps - Free Gift Cards Developer: Mobvantage Price: Free


An app that pays us money (PayPal) for missions. They are usually questions about products, taking photos of things in shopping centers, and in general, they serve for a brand to obtain information at street level about the product it is marketing. Unfortunately, it is only available in some countries like Mexico and Brazil.

Register QR-Code PiniOn Developer: PiniOn Price: To be announced

What do you think of this list of applications that pay per use? The truth is that they will hardly get us out of poor, but they can be a good alternative to get some credit on sites like Google Play, iTunes or Amazon.

Other methods to earn money with your mobile

If we have an Internet connection and a smartphone, a computer or a tablet, we have many other ways to earn money, either from home or wherever we are.

We can set up a blog and monetize it, buy and sell cryptocurrencies, record our voice and sell it or even become a translator if we master more than one language. A good source of inspiration can be to take a look at Andrés Gananci's blog. It has a lot of posts with more than interesting ideas to earn money. The internet is full of opportunities, folks!

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And what do you think of this type of apps for Android? As always, for any questions or queries, do not hesitate to visit the comments area.

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