How to unlock hidden Edge, Firefox and Chrome games

When we install a new browser on our computer, we usually try to make it safe and respect the privacy of the user. Many web browsers have hidden functions that we can unlock, for example, by typing chrome: // flags in Chrome or by entering about: config in the Firefox address bar.

However, sometimes all we want is to have a good time and entertain ourselves for five minutes while we wait for that call from a client in the office or we have a free moment between class and class. For that, nothing better than to take advantage of the games that some browsers such as Microsoft Edge, or the aforementioned Chrome and Firefox bring "hidden". They are not the quintessence of gaming, but they have their grace and as a hobby they are more than attractive.

Microsoft Edge: Let's Surf

Microsoft has just released a new version of its Edge browser, Microsoft Edge version 82. An update that will automatically reach all Windows 10 PCs together with the Windows Update of May 2020. If we have not received the update yet, we can install this new version of the browser by downloading it directlyfrom the Microsoft website.

This Chromium-based Edge update has quite a few interesting points, as well as a rather curious and fun surfing minigame. To unlock it, we just have to write the following in the address bar:

edge: // surf

With this command we will load the game Let’s Surf (or “We are going to navigate”, in Spanish). Choose your surfer and kick it! With the directional keys we will have to dodge obstacles while we catch green lightning to surf in turbo mode. From the menu located on the upper right side you can choose different game modes (time trial, zig-zag or normal mode).

Google Chrome: The Dinosaur Game

Do you remember the dinosaur that Chrome shows when we don't have an Internet connection and we try to load a page? Normally we only look at the message that says "ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED", but if we click on the mobile screen or press the space bar on the keyboard from PC, we will see that the dinosaur comes to life and starts running.

If our data connection works correctly we can also unlock the game by typing this command in the browser's address bar:

chrome: // dino

The game consists of jumping to avoid eating the cactus plants that get in our way, increasing the speed of the pixelated T-Rex as we progress. It seems like a very silly game but it can lead to some serious bites. You are warned!

Mozilla Firefox: Pong

Firefox also has a hidden game, but unlike its peers, it is much more difficult to unlock. First, we must display the toolbar located in the upper right margin and select "Personalize”. Next, we will drag all the icons to the overflow menu to leave the screen completely free except for the icon called “Flexible space”.

This will bring up a new button at the bottom of the screen with the drawing of a unicorn.

If we click on this button, the flexible space will become a bar or "racket" and we can play the classic Pong against the CPU using the unicorn as a ball. The truth is that said like that it sounds very crazy but right here below I leave you a screenshot so you can see that I am not making it up. An easter egg as bizarre as it is entertaining.

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