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The internet browser it is one of the most important apps on any device. Having the right browser can completely change the browsing experience, and the truth is that it is fucking crazy, there are thousands of browsers for Android! Which one are we left with?

The 10 best browsers for Android classified by type

In general, most users use Google Chrome to surf the net, since it is the browser that usually comes pre-installed by default on many phones. But man does not live on Chrome alone: ​​the alternative in web browsers is almost infinite, each with its own star feature.

Brave browser - best browser with built-in ad blocker

Brave Browser is a relatively new browser that came out in 2016. Among its various features has a built-in ad blocker, in addition to allowing blocking third-party cookies and scripts. It offers the possibility of custom settings per page, in addition to the classic incognito mode, history, bookmarks, etc.

Download QR-Code Brave Browser: fast, secure and private browser Developer: Brave Software Price: Free

Dolphin browser: the best browser with Flash

Dolphin is a browser that causes some devotion in some users. Among its multitude of functionalities is the possibility of changing themes, ad blocking, private browsing and it supports Flash. Is it the best browser with built-in Flash Player? Probably. More than 50 million downloads on Google Play.

Download QR-Code Web Browser Dolphin Browser Developer: Dolphin Browser Price: Free

Flynx: the best for browsing without an internet connection

Flynx is a different browser, with a truly innovative user experience. Instead of opening full screen it is displayed as a floating window. In this way, if we are using another app -for example, Facebook- we can open the browser without leaving it at any time.

It offers 2 great features: a night mode to read at night without destroying our eyes, and the possibility of save pages to read them offline without the need to be connected to the Internet.

Download QR-Code Flynx - Read the web smartly Developer: InfiKen Labs Price: Free

Naked browser: the best browser for low-end Android devices

There are lightweight browsers, and then there is Naked Browser. This browser for Android takes efficiency as a flag to be the fastest of all. But to do this, he has had to sacrifice a certain visual aesthetic. Let's say it's not the prettiest, but it does its job: being the fastest. A browser highly recommended for low-end Android phones and old terminals –supports Android 2.1 and higher-.

Register QR-Code Naked Browser web browser Developer: Feverish Development Price: To be announced

UC Browser: the fastest browser

UC Browser achieves a higher loading speed thanks to data compression. It is not the greatest aesthetic marvel, either, but it is much prettier than Naked Browser. It is a very popular browser in China, with millions of downloads behind it and lightning fast.

Download QR-Code UC Browser - Popular Videos Developer: UCWeb Singapore Pte. Ltd. Price: Free

Opera Mini: the best browser to save data

I've always quite liked the Opera browser. On Android, it has 2 versions: the classic Opera and the Opera Mini. The mini version is aimed at reducing data consumption And it features things like smart background downloading, data usage tracking, and ad blocker, among others. If we want to save megabytes, this is a good browser for it.

Download QR-Code Opera Mini Browser Developer: Opera Price: Free

Orbot + Orfox: the browser with more privacy

If you want to navigate without being tracked, keeping your privacy to the maximum, surely you have considered using the Tor network. The proxy of Orbot uses Tor to encrypt our internet traffic and then hides it by sending it through a number of computers around the world. Once we have established the connection, we can use Orfox for safe and private browsing. Orfox is the official browser for the Tor service on Android.

Download QR-Code Orbot Proxy with Tor Developer: The Tor Project Price: Free Download QR-Code Orfox Developer: The Tor Project Price: Free

Lightning browser: the best browser for Android TV

The Lightning browser is designed for both phones and tablets as well as Android TV, which makes it much easier to use if we have one of these devices. It weighs very little and is really efficient, especially if we have a device with Android TV and very little RAM.

Download QR-Code Lightning Browser - Web Browser Developer: Anthony Restaino Price: Free

Firefox: the most customizable browser

Firefox is one of the 3 great Android browsers. It is certainly a name that cannot be missing from any list. Among its multitude of functionalities is the possibility of synchronizing bookmarks, history, etc. with the PC, it supports plugins, it supports Chromecast and a lot of other things. One of the most powerful and complete free browsers on the market.

Download QR-Code Firefox: fast, private and secure web browser Developer: Mozilla Price: Free

Chrome: the most popular of all

Chrome, Google's browser, is the most widely used on Android by long. It has a good design in Material Design, it is synchronized with the Chrome of the PC, it is fully integrated into Android and it has functionalities for standard and advanced users. Many people use it simply because it comes standard, and has a reputation for consuming a lot of RAM, but the truth is that it works really well.

Download QR-Code Google Chrome: fast and secure Developer: Google LLC Price: Free

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