How to watch the series “Patria” (HBO) for free legally

The premiere of "Homeland" comes wrapped in controversy. The small screen adaptation of the novel of the same name, published with great success in 2016 under the signature of the writer Fernando Aramburu, obtained a great reception when it was announced by HBO. What's more, when the first trailer was revealed, the anticipation skyrocketed to stratospheric levels.

However, the premiere of the promotional poster has sat like a jug of cold water for many people who consider that the image of the poster equates the pain of the victims with that of their executioners (remember that the novel tells the story of one of the passages blackest in the recent history of Spain, that of the terrorist group ETA). The reaction has been so powerful that #CancelaHBO has become a trend on Twitter, even forcing Aramburu himself to come to the fore to show his disagreement with the selection of the poster.

Fernando Aramburu: "The Patria cartel is a marketing strategy that I do not share. It violates a rule that I imposed on myself: not to lose sight of the pain of the victims of terrorism, to treat them with the empathy and affection they deserve."

It is clear: # CancelHBO // / JEvyDYgqPU

- Wild Guaje (@GuajeSalvaje) September 2, 2020

How to see “Patria” online without spending a penny and legally

"Homeland" will be released next September 27 on the streaming platform of HBO Spain. Although we are facing a premium service that is obviously paid, the truth is that if we set it up well, we can manage to take advantage of the facilities offered by the platform thanks to its 14-day free trial.

The series will have 8 episodes, starting with the broadcast of the first 2 chapters on the day of the premiere and releasing a new chapter every week. Therefore, if we do a couple of calculations we will come to the conclusion that we can enjoy the series, from beginning to end, completely free of charge if we are willing to wait a bit:

  • If we sign up for HBO Spain with the free trial period on the same day of the premiere (Sunday, September 27) We can see the first 4 chapters for free. If we wanted to continue watching the series then we would have to pay the monthly subscription of € 8.99 corresponding to the first month. In this way we would continue to have access while the remaining 4 chapters are released to end the first season.
  • On the contrary, if we do not mind waiting a few weeks, November 8 the eighth and last chapter will be broadcast. Thus, if we sign up for HBO Spain in November we will be able to see the entire series taking advantage of the trial period. Some dates in which it is certainly worth keeping the subscription since really powerful premieres are expected for fans of Spanish cinema, such as the theological horror thriller "30 coins" directed by Álex de la Iglesia and starring Miguel Ángel Silvestre, an HBO production that will consist of 8 chapters and that has caused very good sensations in its presentation at the recent Venice Film Festival.

Controversy aside, the truth is that everything indicates that we are facing a very careful production, with the classic seal of quality that HBO prints to almost everything it touches. A series that undoubtedly deserves to be seen and discussed, called to raise more than one blister on both sides of the political spectrum.

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