10 nostalgic sounds from the past: this is what vintage technology sounded like

With the unstoppable advancement of technology, devices have become terribly silent: they have become so muted that they hardly seem to be there. But it was not always like this. For decades, gadgets made noise, and sometimes they even yelled at you. If you started using the Internet back in the 90's, surely you remember the sound so characteristic of the first modems. Briiippppluplupbreeepptktk!

10 tech sounds that will take you back to the past

In the following list we have compiled some of those "symphonies" and old noises emitted by the diverse fauna and technological ware that swarmed many of the homes of the average citizen a few decades ago.

Internet access by telephone line

In the early years of the Internet, connections were made using 56k modems over the telephone line. This meant that if someone called you, the Internet connection would automatically close (a connection that by the way, they charged you at the price of a local call). Thus, every time you wanted to reconnect you had to listen once more to the sound of the modem doing its job with great difficulty and emitting a kind of robotic cacophony of the most disruptive.

Windows 95 welcome sound

The Windows 95 login melody with that piano and those harps made you really believe that you were in front of an almost magical tool (even if you only used the computer to play Carmaggedon, draw pictures with Paint and some other work with Word) .

The computer's floppy drive

If the sound of the modem was already little melodic and a bit annoying, the floppy drive of the PC took the cake. When the reader tried to read the magnetic stripe on the floppy it seemed as if the computer was trying to establish contact with an extraterrestrial civilization.

Dot matrix printer

Matrix printers have a very characteristic sound that is most pleasant to the ear. As if he were a tattoo artist printing his ink on a canvas, in this case on paper.

Game Boy (Startup Sound)

Nintendo's first portable console looked awful when the sun hit it head-on and drained a lot of batteries, but it was still a real treat for kids at the time. Its signature start-up sound was the starting gun of a machine with endless hours of fun.


Few things are more enjoyable than pressing the keys on a typewriter with confidence. An experience that has been lost in favor of membrane keyboards and mechanical keyboards. Although this type of “Word processor + Printer = All in one” devices were heavy and impractical, they had their charm that could hardly be beaten.

MSN Messenger

Messenger, one of the first flirting tools that made many people outside the world of technology, apart from the usual 4 geeks, were encouraged to hire an Internet connection. The predecessor of WhatsApp had ringtones and sounds that were unmistakable, and that are already part of the history of the internet.

VHS tape player

Before the Internet came along and people started sharing movies on the emule, if you wanted to see a movie you had to go down to the video store and rent a VHS tape. The characteristic sound that the heads made when rewinding the tape are the most legendary, although in its day it meant spending a good time every time you wanted to go back and locate a specific scene.

Dial Dial Telephone

Dial-up dial phones were the norm in the 80s. Although it may seem like a very Martian instrument to the youngest of the place, in its day sometimes you wanted to call someone just to dial the number and hear the mechanical sound of the wheel. Then in the 90s came the digital dial phones with their little buttons and their things, much more functional (but boring).


Another analog product with a ton of buttons to push. There were not a few cassettes that were hooked, forcing us to do surgeon work to try to mend the mess and be able to listen to some music.

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