The best wallpapers of The Witcher (Netflix) to download

Last Friday Netflix finally released the long-awaited series of The Witcher, with Henry Cavill (Superman) playing Geralt of Rivia, one of the last witches on earth. There have been many comparisons to Game of Thrones, and although the series based on Andrzej Sapkowski's novels does not seem to have achieved the same degree of fervent fascination, it has undoubtedly marked its own path to success (in fact, it has already been announced a second season).

Hundreds of wallpapers of The Witcher for Android and PC

Here we collect some of the best quality sources to get high resolution wallpapers of The Witcher, based on the Netflix series, as well as on video games and novels, for desktop computers and mobile devices.


ArtStation is a fantastic platform where artists and illustrators share their art, with the possibility of buying printed editions in case we want to get hold of any of their works. In terms of quality, it is one of the best sites to get original The Witcher wallpapers, with incredible artists like Ivailo Ivanov (you can't miss his ArtStation profile), Ástor Alexander, Bartlomiej Gawel, Ilse Harting and Marek Okon among many others.

See The Witcher wallpapers on ArtSation


Wallhaven is one of the best sites to download wallpapers in 4K, and how could it be otherwise, here we also find a wide selection of art related to the various products of The Witcher, such as the TV series, the video games of CD Projekt, Gwent (the card game based on The Witcher) and numerous fantarts.

One of the advantages of Wallhaven is that each wallpaper has an editor where we can crop each image so that it adapts to the format / resolution that best suits us for the screen of our Android, PC, etc.

See wallpapers of The Witcher in Wallhaven


A great source of wallpapers for mobile devices. Zedge is characterized by having a large number of funds for practically any series, video game, anime or movie that we can think of. In the case of The Witcher, a good handful of illustrations are included in landscape format and in HD, both from the Netflix series with a superb Geralt of Rivia played by Henry Cavill, and from The Witcher 3 games and derivatives. The Zedge website is also available in an Android app format.

See wallpapers of The Witcher in Zedge


Reddit has sub-forums for any type of topic you can imagine. The fandom of the characters created by Andrzej Sapkowski usually shares wallpapers that we can download from subreddits such as r / netflixwitcher, r / wallpaper and r / wallpapers. Here we will find a lot of fanart, vector wallpapers from screenshots, 2K images and even wallpapers for teams with dual monitors.

See wallpapers available in / r / wallpapers

See wallpapers available in / r / wallpaper

See wallpapers available in / r / netflixwitcher

Cover image by Ivailo Ivanov via ArtStation

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