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The wallpaper apps they have always thrown me back. You just have to take a look to see that the vast majority are nothing more than a rehash with photos and images of cars, flowers, cats and the typical images seen a thousand times.

Therefore, when I recommend any application of wallpapers or live wallpapers I always put an imaginary red line, an essential minimum requirement, and it is that are creative and offer something different.

Walli, HD wallpapers made by a community of artists

The difference between Walli and other of those apps that abound so much is that the app developed by Shanga try to go a little further, and pay special attention to the selection of images.

Although the wallpaper catalog is not that extensive, all the wallpapers give off great quality, imagination and judgment, and most are small works of art within their genre. Images for hipsters, retro images, vintage, illustrations of famous people with a touch of humor and always with an attractive visual aspect.

Another factor to take into consideration is that although this is a free app, the artists who participate by contributing their works also receive part of the profits that Walli generates (it has embedded ads, but they are not intrusive, luckily for the user ).

Simple interface, well organized and easy to download

The application is very well designed, and it seems more like a social network of artists and illustrators, such as DeviantArt. The main interface is broken down by categories, recent, popular and featured.

Once we have found the wallpaper that we want to apply to our Android, we just have to click on the image. Directly, we access a new screen where we can to download or set image as wallpaper, as well as a brief information about the artist and more works by him.

Download QR-Code Walli - HD Wallpapers & Screensavers Developer: Shanga Price: Free

If you are looking for quality wallpapers that are different and that add something new to the visual aesthetics of your terminal, Walli will undoubtedly give you a very pleasant surprise.

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