Portable console with GBA / MD / NES emulator and PSP-like design

I was born in the 80s, and around that time what really hit him was the Nintendo Entertainment System (the NES for friends). I remember my parents bought me one of those Chinese knockoffs, with cartridges that carried up to 100 and 200 prerecorded games. For a kid of less than 10 years like me that was amazing. Then I already got them to buy the Super Nintendo, and I completely forgot about that console, but it was very nice while it lasted.

Nowadays it is not so common to find this type of device, although without a doubt new models continue to hit the streets. We recently talked about the NES Game Machine, a clone of the NES Classic Mini with 500 pre-installed games. Today, it's time to take a look at a similar device, in this case, a portable console with a design very similar to the Sony PSP.

A portable console for classic 8-bit and 16-bit games

The console has support for 100 games, both of the Game Boy Advance, as of the Mega drive and the NES. A full-fledged retro console with a somewhat more modern design without a doubt. It has a 4.3-inch screen, plus a small 1.3MP camera, and can play music, videos, and ebooks.

We do not know if you use any version of Android to play multimedia content and play games through emulators –everything indicates that this is the case, however-, since this point is not detailed in the product sheet of the console.

What we do know is that uses a built-in 850mAh lithium battery, it has a weight of 155gr, a 3.5mm jack slot and a gift headphones along with the charger. The original price of this portable console is € 60.19, but We can currently get it at Tomtop for € 31.81.

A retro console, with a cloned design of the PSP with which you can play mythical games such as Kirby’s Adventure, the original Mario or Sonic himself. The closest thing to the NES Game Machine that we will find, but in a portable format.

Tomtop | Buy retro portable console

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