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Do you remember Akinator, the genius that guesses any character you are thinking of? If you still don't know it, I'll tell you: It is a website run by a genius who is in charge of asking one question after another until the person or character you are thinking of is right.

Ok, if you are thinking about the neighbor on the fifth, he will not guess, they have to be well-known people or characters, but believe me, he gets everything right. It hits so much that it is even scary.

I met him almost at the beginning, when the web began to become famous back in 2008, and since then I have not managed to fool him even once. Not one I tell you! Think of a famous person, I don't know, the prince of Zamunda. Get it right. Punky Brewster. Hit it. Gustavo the frog. Too. He does not miss one.

How did you guess, rascal?

Does anyone want to try? You just have to enter //en.akinator.com and put your genius to the test. For some time there has also been a version for Android, iPhone, Windows Phone and BlackBerry if you want to have it on your mobile.

The dynamics of the game consists of thinking about a character, whether real or fictional, and based on that the genius is asking a series of questions that we have to answer with a yes or no. You can ask up to a maximum of 25 questions, at which point you will say the name of the character we are thinking of. But the truth is that most of the time you get it right without even asking 10 questions.

No, Akinator is not that kind of genius ...

This program developed by the French Jeff Deleau and Arnaud Magret is really brilliant, and its success is based on the discard technique combined with a huge database of famous people. Another key is that if he does not get the name you are thinking right, he asks you to enter it in order to add it to his particular list and expand his chances of future success.

With the millions of visits that the page can have, you can get an idea of ​​the chances of success handled by Akinator, the genius of the web. An internet classic.

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