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GIFs are very short-lived multimedia files, something halfway between an image and a video. They are increasingly used as a kind of evolution of the classic emoticons and usually they usually carry a small (or large) humorous load. There are some GIFs (like the one with the "dramatic squirrel") that are already a legend on the Internet, and the truth is that they are not that difficult to make. Just have an Android phone and a couple of photos or video to create our own GIF. In the following mini guide, we show you how to create GIFs on Android from photos and video. It's thrown away!

How to create GIFs on Android with GIF Maker

To create our own custom GIF we will use GIF Maker, a free app developed by Kayak Studio with an intuitive interface and very easy to use. With this application not only we can create GIFs from photos and videos, but it also lets us edit any GIF hosted on GIPHY, which is not bad at all.

Download QR-Code GIF Maker - GIF Developer Editor: Kayak Studio Price: Free

How to make GIFs from videos

The creation process is really simple. The first thing we have to do is click on "Create new"And select the type of font we want to use, in this case"From video”. We look for the video that we want to convert into GIF and we directly jump to the editor.

Here we will see 2 indicators, "Beginning" and "The end”. We can adjust or select the cut we want simply by editing the start / end point, or dragging the right or left margin of the timeline with your finger. Once the cut is adjusted, click on "Apply".

Next we will enter the editor, from where we can add filters to GIF, enlarge / reduce frames per second, add frames, text, stickers or paste images.

Once everything is to our liking we just have to click on "Keep"Or"Share”To save a copy or spread it on our social networks.

How to make GIFs from photos

In the event that we want create a GIF from a series of photos the process does not vary much:

  • On the main screen, click on "Create new”.
  • We select "From images"Or"From camera”(If we want to create the GIF by taking a couple of photos at the moment).
  • Once the images that we are going to use for the GIF have been marked, click on "Next”.
  • Now we will enter the GIF editor: from here we can adjust the duration of each image (clock symbol) in addition to adding filters, frames, text, stickers and more.

  • Once we have everything to our liking, we just have to select "Keep"Or"Share”.

As you see GIF Maker is a very simple application that offers many possibilities and customization touches. You could ask for little more for a tool of this type: that it does what it promises and that it does it well.

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