WhatsApp: how to chat with someone without having their contact in the agenda

WhatsApp does not stop evolving. Almost every week we find out about a new feature or a new idea. If we recently knew that they are now thinking of introducing text “states”, now it's time to talk about a new feature that is already available and that will please more than one. A tool that allows us to share our number and talk to another person through WhatsApp without having to have it in our contact list. How? By creating a custom link.

How to share your WhatsApp number using a link

This new tool is an API that WhatsApp has just released, and it is going to be a real marvel, especially in work or business environments.

Thanks to her, we can create a simple link with an associated phone number, and by clicking on it, open a conversation directly on WhatsApp with that person. Ideal, for example, to put it in our corporate signature (so the client or supplier does not have to add us to their contact list to speak with us).

Steps to create the link with our WhatsApp contact

The link is created as follows:

  • We write this address: //api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=
  • After the symbol "=" we put the prefix of our country, followed and no spaces or symbols. In the case of Spain 34, in Mexico 52, Argentina 54 etc.
  • Finally, after the prefix we introduce our phone number.

For example, if I am from Spain (prefix 34) and my phone number is 123123123, the corresponding link to chat with me on WhatsApp would be:


When clicking on the link, if we are in front of the PC, a window of the web version of WhatsApp will open.

In the event that we are opening the link from the phone A chat will be opened directly to talk with that person.

A very simple way to chat with someone on WhatsApp, especially if it is a person with whom we are going to talk very punctually or to share our WhatsApp from work.

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