DOOGEE Y6 Piano White, a new legend in the Y6 Piano Black path

Recent leaks have revealed that Apple is planning to release a new color for the iPhone 7. It would be a sixth color that would add to the range of existing colors, Jet White. DOOGEE for his part too is releasing its own version of this new color, Piano White, and it is going to do it right now, anticipating the plans of Apple itself.

Last Christmas 2016 DOOGEE launched the Y6 Piano Black, a limited edition of the Y6 with a glossy black finish that gives a frankly elegant premium touch to the terminal. A very successful design. So much so, that according to the manufacturer itself, the 3000 units that were launched on the market literally flew among the company's fans.

DOOGEE Y6 Piano White vs Iphone Jet White

Seen the success it was only a matter of time before DOOGEE dared with a new version of this Y6. The DOOGEE Y6 Piano White is the company's answer to the future iPhone Jet White, which features an equally attractive and elegant glossy white finish.

A few days ago an alleged teaser of the Iphone 7 Jet White was leaked, which gave a lot to talk about, but later it was discovered that it was nothing more than a normal iPhone edited with a filter. What we are going to show you next, on the other hand, is not an image passed through Photoshop, but a real and tangible sample of what will be the imminent DOOGEE Y6 Piano White.

What will the hardware of the new Y6 Piano White look like?

It is said that the new Y6 Piano White will have at the helm the latest version of Android 7.0, plus 4GB of RAM, 64GB of internal storage, an 8MP front camera with 88-degree wide-angle lens. The rest of the specifications have not transpired for the moment.

For lovers of this type of finish, remember that the DOOGEE Y6 Piano Black is still in available in authorized online stores, such as Banggood .

What do you think of the finish of the new Y6 Piano White? Do you like it? To talk about this and any other related topic, do not hesitate to visit the comments area!

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