132 free online courses for programmers and web developers

Do you want to learn to program your own video game, create applications for Android, or develop your knowledge of PHP, HTML5 or CSS3? Some SQL, Github, or Javascript? If so, today's post will surely interest you.

We then collect up to 132 online courses from Udemy, all of them in Spanish and free, for programmers and web developers. From courses to learn how to use Android Studio, create your own blog in WordPress, Ajax, develop apps for iOS, Python, Oracle or jQuery courses, among others.

More than 130 online courses for programmers and web developers in Spanish

All courses include a certificate of completion, lifetime access and all kinds of audiovisual material along with the necessary resources to carry out the corresponding training.

Mobile app development (Android and iOS)

Android Studio, Installation, Emulators, Git, Plugins and Tips
Android: Fundamentals to create your first quality apps
App Inventor 2: Component «POLYGON»
HTML5 apps for BlackBerry 10
Create native apps (Android and iOS) with Nativescript «Spanish»
IOS 12 and Swift 4 Course - Create 3 Great Apps
Course iOS and 11 Swift 4: Learn to make a Notepad
The Complete iOS 10 Developer - Build Apps with Swift 3
Getting started with Swift - My first App for iOS
My first app with Android N
Android Programming 01 General concepts
Programming IOS Apps
What is lineSTring in AppInventor

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Video game programming

Learn Swift and SpriteKit with the rock-paper-scissors game
Create your first platform with Construct3
Game Creation on Unreal Engine for Beginners
Game Development with GameMaker: Studio 1.4
Game Development with Unity 5: First Complete Game
Introduction to Game Development with Unity 3D
My first game with Unity 5
Video game programming with pygame
Programming 2D Web Games in JavaScript HTML5 with Phaser

Web development

60+ Web Design and Development Tools
PHP 7 update
Ajax in WordPress for web developers [Advanced]
Algorithms from Zero
Angular 5 and TypeScript - Introductory Step-by-Step Course
Angular: Convert any HTML template into a WebAPP
Learn to Create HTML Web Pages from Scratch
How to create Bukkit and Spigot plugins using Skript
Learn to create web pages with HTML and CSS
Learn to create web pages with HTML5 and CSS3
How to install Lazarus and Delphi and make your first program
Learn to program in php from scratch
Learn how to use the Rest service in Drupal 7
Web accessibility step by step
Learn Easy HTML5 AND CSS3 with JQUERY and DREAMWEAVER from 0
Learn Save, Consult, Edit, Delete, Session with Php
Create your API in Net Core and your App in Ionic 4
Learn html5 and css3 by creating a solar panel website
Learn Jquery to implement your web applications
Discover Laravel - Models, Migrations, Routes, Views, etc
Learn PHP and MySQLi, basic concepts for beginners.
Learn basic programming with PHP
Course on how to create PDF documents in PHP - Generate PDF reports
How to Create a CRUD with PHP and SQL Server
How to install any CMS in a Hosting
Angular Components - 101 (Beginners)
Configure Laravel on Windows and MS SQL Server
Basic web application development course from scratch
FlexBox from 0
Django super basic course - Web pages with python
PHP "mail" function: Learn to send emails with PHP
Bootstrap 4 Basics: Build Your First Responsive Site
Tools for the web developer
HTML 5 and CSS 3 - Step by Step and Practical - Create Websites!
Introductory Course to CodeIgniter
Introduction to Python
Introduction to Angular 4 - Installation and Components
Introduction to Git & GitHub Course
Introduction to Git and Github
Introduction to HTML
Introduction to Laravel 5 Course - First steps with this framework
Introduction to PHP and creation of a basic CRUD.
Introduction to Web Application Development with Symfony
Introduction to WordPress theme development course
Introduction to HTML and CSS
Theoretical introduction to development frameworks for PHP
Mobile Games with HTML5 - Veggies vs Zombies
Kubernetes by a DevOps Guru
Laravel and Vue Js advanced
NestJS: Node + Typescript in Angular style to create APIs
First steps with Vue.js | Vue in exercises
TRY DJANGO | Create a Web Application
Web developer: Cookies and Sessions in PHP
Symfony 3 in Production - Upload and Publish Web Projects
Test Driven Development with Java and Junit5
How to create forms easily using swift?
How to create a web page? Introduction to HTML5 and CSS3
Where to start in web development? Start here now
Development of web systems in PHP with the POG framework.

Create your own website easily (WordPress and others)

Learn to create your website with WordPress
Discover how to create a website from 0
Learn how to publish your web pages
Learn Craft cms - Creating a complete website with blog!
Create your blog with WordPress
Create your Website without Codes or Complications.
Create A Website From Scratch For Beginners [2019]
Create a real estate website with WordPress and AgentPress Pro
Joomla 2.5 Step by Step Course
Web Design - Learn by creating a website step by step
Mastering WordPress Step by Step and From Scratch
Complete Guide to WordPress - Learn to create websites
Online Store with WordPress and WooCommerce - Complete Guide
WordPress - 5 ways to do a successful migration
WordPress from scratch (advanced level)
WordPress course from scratch (basic level)
WordPress Gutenberg: Introduction to the new editor
WordPress Getting Started with Gutenberg the New Editor


Stability analysis - GEO5
Learn Programming with Flow Charts
BIM A0. Introduction to BIM
Start with R Add value to your CV in 2 hours!
Basic course on object-oriented programming in java
Getting started with Swift and Xcode
SQLite3 Course 2019 SQLite-Python Database!
How to Program for Entrepreneurs - JavaScript
From 0 to 100 with Grunt JS
From Newbie to Successful Developer
Development of Modules for Prestashop
Visual FoxPro 9 and Oracle Database Training -Mod01
CodeIgniter Framework for Beginners: First Steps
Fundamentals of Programming
Java Programming Fundamentals Course
Web Programming Basics for Beginners
Introduction to Java from scratch
Introductory Course on Programming with Practical Pseudocode
Introduction to Scratch Programming
Introduction to SQL with Oracle 11g
Basic Java from Scratch
JavaScript ES6
jQuery UI - Extend the limits of jQuery
jQuery and AJAX From Scratch - The Definitive Guide
Programming Logic: Learn to Program in Any Language
Sustainable Development Goals
CNC programming - Milling machines
Structured Programming Course - JAVA
Beginner programming - getting started
Python 3. Complete course of Python 3. Learn from scratch
Visual Studio Code: Improve your coding speed
Xamarin with access to .NET Core and SQL Server on Azure
Learn the Python3 programming language by practicing.

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