Talking clock: the app that tells you the time through voice prompts

Recently in an Android forum a user asked if there would not be an app that would tell you what time it is without having to take the phone out of your pocket, turn it on and look at the time. The only user who deigned to answer him was to make fun of him, without even giving him an answer.

The truth is that it is not a topic that seems silly to me either. It would be a function that could come in handy for people with vision problems, in addition to avoiding having to take the mobile out of the pocket, as the Android forero commented. So I started searching Google Play, and unsurprisingly, there are several apps that tell you the time through voice messages.

TellMeTheTime, the best talking clock that we will find in the Android Play Store

The Talking Clock, also know as TellMeTheTime, is a free Android app that does exactly that: tell you the time through a warm semi-robotic voice. The good thing about TellMeTheTime is that it does not stay on the surface, and it allows you to configure a good handful of options.

We can configure the interval of the warnings, is available in perfect Spanish, allows activation by touch or proximity sensor, and works without having the app in the foreground or the screen turned on.

Download QR-Code Talking Clock: TellMeTheTime Developer: Andreas Meyer Price: Free

In short, an excellent app that fulfills its purpose in the best possible way. If we are looking for a talking clock for our phone or tablet, TellMeTheTime is the app that we should definitely try. Its endorsements, more than a million downloads and a score of 4.2 in the Google Play Store.

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