Chat on WhatsApp with contacts that you do not have on your agenda with this app

We don't always want to have someone added to our contact list to be able to chat with him or send him a simple message on WhatsApp. We see the clearest example in the business world, where we are forced to add a customer's contact to the mobile phone if we want to send them a WhatsApp message.

Some time ago we already saw how to get this out using the WhatsApp API. It is a very practical way to send messages to numbers that we do not have on the agenda. Today I bring you an app for Android that makes use of this tool provided by WhatsApp to carry out this same process in a simplified way.

How to send messages to contacts that we do not have in the agenda with "Open in WhatsApp" for Android

The name of the application is self-explanatory. "Open in WhatsApp”Is a free app for Android that serves precisely that. We write a phone number and a chat will automatically open on WhatsApp to send him a message and talk with him. Of course, it is not necessary that we have this number added in our contact list.

The operation of the app is as follows:

  • We open the app "Open in WhatsApp”.
  • We write the international prefix and the telephone number with which we want to contact.
  • We click on the button "To open”.
  • The WhatsApp app will automatically open so that we can talk with the phone number that we have indicated.

As you can see, the application has very little mystery, and it also serves us for other things, such as sending chats to ourselves.

Download the app "Open in WhatsApp"

Open in WhatsApp”Is a free app for Android with a high rating of 4.2 stars and more than a million downloads on Google Play. We can download and install the application from the following LINK.

It is important to note that there is a very similar application of the same name developed by ArabStor. The one we refer to here is "Open in WhatsApp (beta)", the most popular, and it is the one that we have attached in the link in the previous paragraph.

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