Leawo Video Converter Ultimate, incredible video converter for PC

Video formats have become very diverse in recent years. And not only that, the devices that read and play multimedia files do not stop growing, which implies that many times we find ourselves with problems playing certain types of files on our devices. Why?

Not all players accept any format or codec, and that at the end of the day can be a real headache. The derived mathematical formula leaves no room for doubt:

Many formats * (Many devices / selective playback) = You need a good video converter

Over the years, and after trying countless applications to convert video files, the formats that have given me the most problems have been, without a doubt, the .MKV and .MP4 files. Luckily, I have finally managed to find a program that allows make an effective conversion of these and other formats, as well as including many other extra features that elevate this application to the podium of the essentials. Today we talk aboutLeawo Video Converter Ultimate.

Leawo Video Converter Ultimate: the ideal video converter

The definitive version or ultimate of the video converter developed by Leawo It is not limited only to change the format of our videos, series or movies, but includes a pack of extra features that complement each other perfectly. And it is that in addition to convert virtually any video format, this tool allows burning, copying and ripping DVDs / Blu-Ray, Download videos of the main internet streaming platforms and even has a little editor to do some multimedia tinkering.

Convert videos to any format (MKV, MP4, AVI, MOV)

The biggest problem with video converters is usually the absence of certain video formats or codecs. Leawo Video Converter Ultimate allows us to customize practically any feature of a video file:

Video customization

  • Output format: MKV, MP4, Avi or MOV.
  • Read all kinds of formats.
  • Selection of different video codecs for each output format.
  • Possibility of choosing the resolution level. We can choose to keep the original resolution or change it to another of our choice (1024×768, 960×540, 800×480, 720×480, 640×480, 480×320, 320×240 or 176×144).
  • Bit Rate Modification (Kbps): from 100Kbps to 3000Kbps, depending on the output format.
  • Selection of aspect ratio: we can keep the original look or change it to 4:3 or 16:9.

Audio customization

In the sound section we can also make various adjustments:

  • Audio codec: To choose between AAC, MP3, AC3 or a copy of the audio.
  • Bit Rate: From 64Kbps to 192Kbps.
  • Sampling rate (Hz): User modifiable from 22050Hz to 48000Hz.
  • Channel: Finally we can also select stereo or mono output.

In addition, if we do not want to make a mess with the conversion of codecs and others, for each video format we will have the ability to choose a standard low, medium or high quality conversion.

HD and 4K quality conversions

As if this were not enough, Leawo's converter also offers the ability to convert in HD and 4K, in the event that we want to work with higher quality videos. A great point in favor of the tool, since these formats are becoming more and more common.

Selection of adapted format according to device

As I mentioned at the beginning of the post, there are more and more devices capable of playing videos, which usually causes serious headaches in terms of the most appropriate formats for each of them. We have already seen this functionality in other converters, but here it is one more icing on the cake. Very successful.

We have to choose default formats for Apple, Sony, Samsung, HTC, Motorola, LG, Nokia and Microsoft devices among others. Do we want to convert a video to watch it on our PS Vita, iPhone or Samsung Galaxy? No problemo.

Languages ​​and subtitles

This is often a sensitive issue, as even the best video converters tend to have problems with the language track or the subtitles. Luckily it seems that in this case Leawo has managed to manage the ballot well.

Once we have selected the video that we want to convert, the application offers us 2 drop-downs from which we can choose:

  • If we want keep the subtitles that the video brings by default, remove them or add new subs. I have checked it with a couple of .MKV and .MP4 files with embedded subtitles and I assure you that I have not had any problems. Hurrah!
  • Yes there are multiple language tracks, we can choose with which of them we want to make the conversion.

List of supported input and output formats

Leawo Video Converter Ultimate's video editor

Another interesting detail of Leawo Video Converter Ultimate is that we can edit the videos before converting them. The application includes a small editor from which we can perform various functions, from cutting a video, adjusting the brightness, contrast, saturation, including a watermark or convert video to 3D and give it depth to see it with its corresponding colored glasses.

Download videos

As if this were not enough, within the program itself we will find a tab with a small web browser included, from where we can load any page with embedded videos and download them to the computer.

I have tried various video platforms like Youtube, DailyMotion or Vimeo, and in all of them I have been able to download the videos directly and with ease.

The truth is that the design of the interface for downloading videos and the rest of the application in general are quite well resolved and help in a very positive way to have a frankly satisfactory user experience.

More extra features: Disc burner

Leawo's definitive converter leaves nothing to the imagination, and proof of this is that we also have a complete burner or disc recorder at our disposal. As an interesting detail to comment that we can customize the menu screen DVD / BD, being able to also choose the aspect ratio (16: 9 or 4: 3) and the Bit Rate.

Make copies of discs

Finally, if what we want to do is a simple copy of a disc, Leawo Video Converter Ultimate also has such functionality.

In short, one of the most complete tools that I have seen in recent times, much more than a simple video converter to use.

Leawo Video Converter Ultimate It is priced at $ 69.95, but if we get it, we can be sure that it will be money well invested. If we are not entirely clear the application also has a version trialfree to download, where we can put the app to the test and see if it meets our needs. You can download both the trial version and the full application from Leawo's own website .

By the way, if you have tried many converters and none of them convinces you, we recommend reading Leawo's Top 10 Video Converters , where the developers of the application reel off some of the best converters that we can find on the web today.

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