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In today's post we are going to talk about an app that I have been wanting to bring to the Happy Android. It is an Android application called Clone Camera, and it is real cinnamon stick. Thanks to this app we can take a photograph with several "instances" or clones of the same person. We are talking about clone, duplicate or multiply the presence of a person in a photo. But how? Oh, pitcher soul! What would this website be if we didn't bring you these kind of ingenious applications from time to time ...

Making clones with the Clone Camera app

The method Clone Camera uses to create the replicants it is very simple, in addition to being able to achieve truly successful results.

The operation to carry out the cloning is as follows:

  • We take out a photography A person.
  • Keeping the same plane, We perform several more photos with the person in different locations.
  • For each photo we point out where is the person that we want to clone.

Once the position of the photographed is indicated in each of the snapshots, the Clone Camera app is in charge of merging all of them into a single photo, thus achieving a quite realistic cloning effect.

In addition to this, the program includes a little timer in case we want to take some selfies and a filter selection that never hurt to give a touch arty to the final finish.

Tips for good cloning

After making several clones with the application, I have noticed that the problem of keeping the same frame in each of the photos is hardly noticeable, since it takes the first photo as a base and then insert the figures identified in the rest of the shots. In that sense, it does not matter so much if the camera moves a little while we take the photos.

What is advisable to achieve a good cloning effect is try to maintain a certain distance between the different positions of the person that appears in the photo. The further apart they are, the less likely the images will overlap or create strange effects.

Download and opinions

The apps for mobile devices that exploit this idea are quite abundant in Google play. Some of them even have more downloads than this one, but Clone Camera is the best rated long. After having spent several weeks salsa with her, I can assure you that the good grades are more than deserved.

Clone Camera is a free applicationfor android, has a score of 4.1/5 and you can get it through the following link:

Download QR-Code Clone Camera Developer: Peta-vision Price: Free

For users of ios, the app is also available in iTunes, for a price of 1.99€:

Download QR-Code Clone Camera Pro Developer: Peta Vision Price: € 2.29 +

Kage bunshin no jutsu! Until next week!

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