Haier XShuai T370: an interesting Alexa-compatible robot vacuum

Cleaning robots have been with us for a long time, but it was not until a few years ago that they began to develop in a more powerful way, focusing on improving their components, and especially on the “side”smart”Of this type of device.

The Chinese know a lot about this, and a good example of this is the large market they have created in relation to robot vacuum cleaners or intelligent cleaning robots. Many models, many manufacturers and fierce competition result in robots as efficient and elaborate as iLIFE, Xiaomi Mi robots or the new Haier XShuai T370, which we will discuss in today's review.

Haier XShuai T370 Smart Cleaning Robot Review

The Haier XShuai T370 is a robot vacuum cleaner that has just hit the market and that seeks to stand out thanks to one of the most robust navigation systems to date and greater integration into home automation.

Epson Gyroscope Navigation

The XShuai T370 robot uses the famous epson gyroscope to navigate and plot cleaning routes intelligently. In this way, the robot calculates the dimensions of the room and the position of objects and furniture so as not to leave a single gap uncleaned.

It has a suction power of 1500pa and has 4 types of preset cleaning routes: mode corners, fixed point, S-shaped and cleaning mode automatic.

High Efficiency Air Filter (HEPA)

The device has a HEPA filter, normally used in air purifiers, and serves to collect the smallest remains of dust and dirt.

In addition to this, and as in most robot vacuum cleaners, it has 2 circular side brushes, which are in charge of collecting the garbage and sending it to the central cylindrical brush to be sucked.

Compatibility with Amazon's Alexa assistant

One of the strengths of the robot Haier XShuai T370 is its great connectivity and its integration into home automation. For one thing, it's totally compatible with Amazon's Alexa personal assistant. This means that we can control the T370 simply by voice. That a pot of salt has spilled on you (with the bad luck it brings)? Give the order and the robot will take care of cleaning it in no time. Cool, right?

Haier's device also features remote control via WiFi. In this way, we can also control it through the smartphone, either from the next room or from work, km away. We only need an internet connection.

Technical details and other features

Other relevant specifications of the robot vacuum cleaner Haier XShuai T370:

  • Made of ABS material.
  • 2600mAh battery.
  • 120 minutes of autonomy.
  • Tank capacity: 300 ml.
  • 60dB noise.
  • Climb inclines up to 15 °.
  • Maximum cleaning area between 120 and 150 m².
  • Anti-collision system.
  • Anti-fall sensor.
  • Supports 10 languages ​​(app).
  • Rubber wheels to avoid damaging sleep.

Price and availability

The intelligent robot vacuum cleaner XShuai T370 de Haier has just been unveiled, and It is already in the pre-sale phase at a price of $ 169.99 (about 145 euros to change) on GearBest, between July 24 and 30, if we use the following discount coupon:

Coupon code: T370EU

As of July 31, your presale price will be $ 239.99 (about 208 euros at the change), although we can also use this same coupon - between August 1 and 30 - to obtain a significant discount and take it home for $ 179.99.

You can see more details of the promotion dedicated to the Haier XShuai T370 in the following link.

GearBest | Buy Haier XShuai T370

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