The 10 best Android apps that work without an Internet connection

Android is the most used operating system today on mobile devices. Given its popularity, the number of applications that have been created to give greater utility to these are innumerable. And while many require an active Internet connection, other Android apps can work without one.

Android apps that work without an internet connection

Most applications require a active internet connection. However, we cannot always count on access to this service. This is why apps that work offline are very convenient. Next, we will talk about the 10 best apps for Android that work without having access to the Internet.


This is by far the most popular platform when it comes to streaming music it means. Among the different options offered by this app are the ability to download albums, create playlists, and access a large volume of music content and podcasts. This content can then be reproduced without requiring an internet connection to do so.

Download QR-Code Spotify: Music and podcasts Developer: Spotify Ltd. Price: Free


Following the wave of audio players, we find this magnificent application almost difficult to believe that it is free. Considering the quality of what it offers. With AIMP we can enjoy a presentation with a striking and functional design. It is possible to reproduce the entire music and audio files saved on our Android device completely offline. Among its many features, it puts at our disposal:

  • A powerful 29-band equalizer.
  • Multiple options for configuring the playback tracks.
  • Android Auto.
  • Timer
Download QR-Code AIMP Developer: Artem Izmaylov Price: Free


Without a doubt, this is one of the most downloaded and addictive apps. Almost everyone's favorite. Now with Netflix app you can take your favorite series everywhere with you. It is enough that you are a subscriber so that you can download content that you can reproduce later. And as many times as you want without internet connection or data charges.

Download QR-Code Netflix Developer: Netflix, Inc. Price: Free


Like YouTube there is no other like it. Today it has two options that will allow you to enjoy content offline. Its about YouTube Premium and of YouTube Go. The first opens up an infinite world of possibilities to access the virtually unlimited video downloading, that then you can watch as many times as you want disconnected from the Internet.

For its part, YouTube Go, although it is a more limited alternative, offers a variety of free options. You can download some videos of your interest to your Android device, as they are available. Once the material is downloaded, you will be able to access it without requiring the use of the Internet. Only a sporadic connection will be enough to refresh the content and keep it always available.

Download QR-Code YouTube Developer: Google LLC Price: Free


If reading books is your thing, then you should download the Amazon Kindle application, designed especially for your Android. Not only does it offer the possibility of accessing a library of more than one and a half million books, if not that allows you to synchronize your reading records with other devices you use. What fun? You can play to customize the appearance of your favorite books from the application itself.

Download QR-Code Kindle Developer: Amazon Mobile LLC Price: Free

Duolingo Premium

For language lovers, the offline version of Duolingo is available. Although it is a paid app, it gives you the freedom to work on your offline lessons whenever and however you want. You only have to download them previously from the option that it gives you, and access them without Internet when you need it.

Download QR-Code Duolingo - Learn English and other languages ​​for free Developer: Duolingo Price: Free

Google translate

A translator dictionary available now at your Android's fingertips. When you need it, you will be able to query words in several languages ​​without having to connect to the Internet. This useful tool allows today to make use of its language resources once downloaded the language pack that is required to be used later offline.

Download QR-Code Google Translate Developer: Google LLC Price: Free


Competing with Google Maps comes MAPS.ME. An undoubtedly useful app for consult maps and locate yourself with GPS no need for internet access. Your travel essential, so you no longer get lost wherever you are.

Download QR-Code MAPS.ME - Offline Maps, Navigation and Guides Developer: B.V. Price: Free


Returning to the musical reproduction and adding video to it, you will find VLC. A powerful open source player, which supports great variety of audio formats andvideo completely free of charge. The number 1 player to download if you do not have another by default on your Android mobile, or the one you have is limited.

Download QR-Code VLC for Android Developer: Videolabs Price: Free


Perfect for those who need to be always informed and up to date with the news, reports, articles of interest and web pages. With this app you can view this variety of content once downloaded to your computer. There is no need to connect to the Internet again. Save it in your Pocket and come back to it later when you need it.

Download QR-Code Pocket Developer: Read It Later Price: Free

If you don't have these useful applications on your Android yet, it's time to download them. Take advantage of all the benefits they offer you without needing an Internet connection on your mobile or tablet.

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