How to calculate your scrolling speed with Google Maps

The speedometer is a utility included within Google Maps that allows us to know our speed of travel when we go by car, bicycle or any other method of transport. A function that, being a bit hidden among all the application's menus and settings, can go somewhat unnoticed.

In today's post we will see how to activate Google Maps speed meter, something that can come in handy if we regularly drive with the app by our side and we want to avoid possible fines for speeding (this is a bit sad but it is still an increasingly frequent reality: many drivers consult the screen more of the mobile or the GPS than the control panel of the vehicle).

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How to activate the Google Maps speedometer

The Google Maps speed meter is usually disabled by default. To put it into operation and see the km / h at which we are moving we must follow these steps:

  • We open Google Maps and display the settings menu located on the left side (icon with 3 horizontal lines).
  • We came in "Settings -> Navigation Settings”.
  • In this new menu we go down to “Driving options"And activate the tab"Speedometer”.

Once we have this option activated, the application will show us a bubble on the map with the vehicle's speed in real time.

What level of accuracy does this speed meter offer?

To test the degree of detail of the Google Maps speedometer, we have made a short journey with the car. Once the route and destination have been established, when clicking on the "Start" button, the application has begun to record the speed of the vehicle, and we have noticed 2 things:

  • Speedometer registers a small "lag" or delay of about 2 or 3 seconds.
  • The Google Maps app shows slightly lower values ​​(km / h) compared to those displayed by the car's speedometer.

Therefore, if we are one of those who are pushing the limits, we must consider that our real speed will always be a little higher than what the application indicates and act accordingly. For the rest, a practical functionality that we can combine with the detection of radars already included in the Maps application itself to avoid fines and at the same time respect traffic regulations.

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