The 10 best websites to download wallpapers in Full HD and 4K

Wallpapers are the perfect aesthetic element to give a personal touch to the screen of our computer, mobile or tablet. On previous occasions we have talked about platforms like Walli and we have also reviewed some of the best wallpaper apps for Android. Today, however, we are going to focus on the best websites from which to download some of the wallpapers high resolution most incredible of all Internet.

In these sites we will find high quality images, with resolutions that go from Full HD to 4K resolutions for the latest monitors and displays. A good meeting point to expand our collection of wallpapers with first-rate material.

The best sites to get quality wallpapers in high resolution

Before we start downloading like crazy, we must remember that we should only get hold of those backgrounds that fit the resolution of our screen. For example, if we have a Full HD monitor (1080p) we should use images of 1920 × 1080 pixels, since if we use larger or smaller images the system will have to adjust them and we will not obtain a useful result (in case of being small the images will appear pixelated, and if they are older we will not notice the difference).

1- Wallhaven

Wallhaven is one of the best sites to download wallpapers. It has a very extensive repertoire of images in very high resolution, ranging from Full HD to 2K and 4K Ultra HD. Best of all is the overall quality of the wallpapers, with some of the best illustrations and digital art I've seen in a long, long time.

Next to each image, we have an editing tool where we can crop the image to fit the resolution we need. We also found various data of interest, such as a link to the author's original work (on sites like Deviantart and others), searches by colors and a "tags" section to discover similar wallpapers.

Go to Wallhaven

2- ArtStation

ArtStation is a platform where artists can exhibit their works and illustrations, with the option of buying printed editions in case we want to hang any of their creations on the wall at home. Best of all, all the illustrations include a download button so that we can download them and use them as wallpaper.

It goes without saying that when dealing with exposure images, they all have an incredible resolution, from Full HD onwards in most cases. If you like any piece, in addition to downloading it, don't forget to show your support for the artist by leaving a comment, a like or buying a poster / canvas. There is just great stuff!

Go to ArtStation

3- Zedge

Zedge is a website dedicated to mobile wallpapers and ringtones. It has a collection of the most eclectic wallpapers, which is updated daily, and where we can find everything from Dragon Ball illustrations, to Nike wallpapers, video games or Spanish flags.

It must be recognized that yes, there are some images that treasure a brutal quality, well above average. One of the most recommended sources to download high resolution wallpapers for mobile. By the way, it is also available in app format for Android.

Go to Zedge

4- HD Wallpapers

HD Wallpapers is a website that is updated daily with high resolution wallpapers, from 1080p onwards. Images are selected by hand, so content curation has a really specific weight in this case.

The page allows you to organize the results by popularity or upload date, although it also has a search engine and a list of categories (digital art, abstract, 3D, anime, celebrities, sports, architecture, etc.). Also, when downloading, the page detects the resolution of our screen and it offers us the format that best suits our needs. Little more could you ask for. The only downside is that to download an image we must wait 10 seconds, so it is not the most comfortable thing in the world if we want to download a lot of funds at once.

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5- Reddit

Reddit is one of the biggest meeting points on the Internet. News aggregator? Social network? The truth is that on Reddit there are sub-forums for all kinds of topics, and of course, wallpapers also have their own niche. 2 of the most prominent subreddits in this regard are / r / wallpaper and / r / wallpapers.

Together they have a community of more than one and a half million users who constantly upload high resolution wallpapers. Most images are 1920x1080p in size, although there is also a lot of 2K and 4K footage. A must see.

Go to / r / wallpaper

Go to / r / wallpapers

6- Simple Desktops

Simple Desktops is a website for those who seek minimalist wallpapers. IF you do not like overloaded wallpapers (understandable if we are used to having many icons on the desktop) here you will find a good handful of simple and concise images as well as beautiful.

All backgrounds have a minimum resolution of 2880 × 1800 pixels, which means that all content is in very high resolution. Best of all, there are also not even ads.

Go to Simple Desktops

7- Desktop Nexus

Desktop Nexus is a community where artists and photographers upload their own HD wallpapers. The best of all is that we can interact with them since the feedback is very well received, being an excellent space to exchange opinions, tips and tricks. In addition, her wardrobe is simply impressive: she currently has more than a million and a half wallpapers available for download.

If we are followers of a specific topic we can also subscribe to their RSS to receive notifications when a new fund of our favorite category is published. As in the rest of the professional webs of the guild, all the wallpapers are cut automatically so that they always adjust to the resolution of our screen. Little more could you ask for.

8- WallpaperStock

WallpapersStock features one of the most varied wallpapers collections that we can find in HD, Full HD, 2K and 4K formats. Thanks to its extensive side menu we can select the category that interests us (3D, animals, anime, movies, celebrities, motor, nature, music, etc.) and navigate among the thousands and thousands of available wallpapers.

An interesting detail is that, like InterfaceLIFT, the page is capable of detecting the resolution of the screen of our device. In this way, under each image we will see a list with all the available formats, highlighting in bold the appropriate size for our screen.

Go to WallpaperStock

9- Unsplash

Unsplash is a platform where thousands of photographers upload their photos to make themselves known and, incidentally, make them available to the public for free. This website is known for being a huge image bank, and of course it also has a section dedicated to wallpapers.

We will mainly find photographs about nature, landscapes and architecture, although the truth is that there is a bit of everything. All this in resolutions ranging from Full HD, through 2K and Ultra HD. In addition, if we are interested in photography, in the file of each image we will find interesting information such as the camera used, the focal length, the aperture, the ISO and other technical details.

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10- Wallpapers Wide

Wallpapers Wide meets all the requirements to be considered an excellent source of high resolution wallpapers. The page detects the resolution of our screen to offer us images tailored to our needs, it is classified by categories, we hardly find the odd ad and downloads are practically immediate.

For each image we can find a multitude of formats, ranging from HD to 8K in some cases. In addition, tags are included so that we can search on very specific topics, all from a simple and pleasant interface.

Go to Wallpapers Wide

If you have an Android mobile, take a look at the Wallrox app and 4K Wallpapers

If you have an Android device with a very good quality screen and you are looking for wallpapers to match, you should definitely try the app. Wallrox. A repository of wallpapers in the cloud that offers images in 2K resolution for mobiles with UHD and QHD panels.

In total, more than 800 images are collected, all of them handcrafted by Ankit Anand, the developer of Wallrox. A collection of wallpapers ideal for those who like abstract, psychological and original backgrounds.

Download QR-Code Wallrox Wallpapers 🔥 Developer: Double A Studio Price: Free

Another highly recommended mobile application is 4K Wallpapers, an app with more than 10,000 wallpapers in Ultra HD and Full HD, both static and animated. It has some interesting details, such as the ability to change the background automatically, download images, share and bookmark. The interface has a modern design and the material it collects is generally of very good quality. One of the most popular and best-rated wallpaper apps on Google Play.

Download QR-Code 4K Wallpapers - Auto Wallpaper Changer Developer: HD Pro Walls Price: Free

Cover image by Dylan Kowalsky, an impressive digital artist who is dedicated to creating works of art like the one you see at the beginning of the post. You can consult the rest of his works through his page in ArtStation.

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