Spotify: How to Fix Firewall-Related Error 17

Spotify It is the best thing that has happened to us music fans. A gigantic repository where we can find practically everything. Although the application does not usually give many errors, sometimes it surprises us with errors like the one we are going to deal with today. Do you have Spotify installed on your PC, Mac or phone and you cannot log in through the error 17? Then keep reading because this may really interest you.

Error 17 in Spotify: a firewall (firewall) could be blocking Spotify Solution!

The specific problem is the following: you try to log in to Spotify, you enter your username and password correctly, but you still cannot access it. This is error 17, and according to Spotify it may be an error related to a bad configuration of your firewall. Simply put, your device's firewall is preventing access to your account. The message we see on the screen looks something like this:

Is it really possible that a firewall is blocking access?

The first thing we think of when we see the message is that it is a configuration problem or specific failure. If we uninstall the application and reinstall itHowever, we will see that the mentioned error 17 still does not disappear.

Modify the firewall to fix Spotify error 17

If we are getting this error in a Windows 10 desktop or Mac, it may be reasonable to think about modifying the firewall. On the other hand, if Spotify throws us error 17 on our Android or iPhone, the thing can start to smell strange.

A firewall is nothing more than a mechanism to block access to restricted communications. It is not a common thing in a mobile phone, and unless we have installed it by hand, we most likely do not even have one. So what's going on? SPOILER: The Most Common Cause for Spotify Error 17 is related to geographic change.

Solution: correct your geographical location on Spotify

If we have changed country, and we created our account in a different country, then it is likely that we will get this failure. For some reason, Spotify does not correctly record the user's location change and delivers this error message. To solve it, we must follow the following steps:

  • Log into the web version of Spotify from your browser.

  • Go to "Profile -> Account”.

  • Click on "Edit profile”.

  • Finally, correct the field "Country”Indicating the country in which you are at the moment. Click on "Save Profile”For the changes to take effect.

Once this is done, Spotify should allow us to log in without problems from Windows 10, Mac or from mobile. It is not a very common failure, but it can happen to us if we have gone on vacation or are traveling abroad.

If after changing our location we continue to get the happy error 17, it is advisable to delete temporary files on the computer and reinstall the application.

Workaround: check proxy settings on Spotify

By default, Spotify automatically detects the proxy our computer uses to connect to the Internet. Normally it does not usually fail, but if we continue having problems it is advisable to do a last test by setting the configuration by hand.

  • When you get error 17, click on "Proxy Settings”.
  • Change the automatic detection and select “Socks4”. The Host is normally and the proxy 8080.
  • Click on "Update proxy”To save the changes.

I have obtained these 2 solutions after browsing through various forums and checking their effectiveness, discarding other supposed alternatives that did not solve the problem. If you have tried both and neither has worked for you, please do not hesitate to leave a message in the comments area.

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